unlock our phone for us

You have never thought, fuck what it costs me to unlock my phone every time I take it out of my pocket. I have to press the happy little button, and if that were not enough, then I have to slide my finger on the screen until finally, unlock the phone. After this you have the strength to continue doing something, once you have unlocked it?

Well, if you are of this type of people, I have a solution that will change your life. Well … I don’t know if life, but how to unlock your phone. We will achieve this with two simple steps. First of all … thinking about it, if unlocking the phone is an ordeal, Who says you are going to follow these two simple steps? or what are you going to continue reading this article?

Well I leave it in case you are not lazy and you are interested in having your terminal full of functionalities. The first thing we will have to do is download Pocket Lock (download at the end of the post), It is an application that will use the proximity sensors of our phone to lock and unlock the device.

The function of this application is quite simple. Once we download and activate it, each time we cover the proximity sensor (placed next to the internal speaker on the front) Lock or unlock the phone. When I refer to cover it, I don’t want to say with the finger, that you can also, if not we look for utilities. For example, when we take the phone out of the pocket it will be unlocked and when we put it back in, it will lock. The same happens if we have the terminal on the table with the screen facing down, when we turn it over, the same sequence will occur.

This has a problem, and is that it does not unlock completely, since it only acts as if we had pressed the button, but with going to settings and deactivating the screen unlock will be enough. In this way, every time we take the phone out of our pocket we will have it completely unlocked to be able to use it without further delay.

It is clear that if we have some lock pattern on, if we deactivate the unlock it is deactivated, so if we want to continue having the pattern, do not pay attention to the last step. I have taken into account that if you are vague enough, so that it costs you to press the button and slide your finger, you will not have an unlock pattern, so all are advantages with this method.

Well, if you are lazy, you like to have your phone with the latest, the unlock button is in a little accessible place, for whatever reason, try this application and ask me if it has served you anything. If you don’t, I know what type of user you are.