Use iPad as a device to edit video

BroadcastPix has presented a new iPad application, still under development, that use the Apple device to control the video production control systems of the same company.

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-1070″ title=”ipad-app-ipixpanel” alt=”ipad-app-ipixpanel "src ="×323.jpg "width =" 414 "height =" 323″/>

The application is called iPixPanel and we will be able to see it in operation in April, coinciding with the launch of the iPad in the US. With this application iPad can be used to control all radio production systems.

The interface of the application looks the same as the control panels of the device that are currently used, but with many more functions by using the iPad hardware: You can change the camera, insert a clip, create image effects and so on, all through touch screen.

The application price will be $ 165

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