WhatsApp already allows to protect the chats with the fingerprint reader

The latest beta version of WhatsApp is beginning to deploy a feature that is sure that more than one user will appreciate, and it is the possibility of blocking the application with our fingerprint. What implications does this tool have and why can it be useful? We tell you all the details.

What is the use? WhatsApp fingerprint protection is a second defense so that someone who knows the PIN of our mobile phone or someone to whom we leave our unlocked mobile phone does not access our information. If you usually leave your mobile phone to friends and do not want them to see our conversations, by accident or not, it is advisable to use it. In addition to blocking the application, it also blocks the widget and the content of notifications.

WhatsApp can now be protected with our fingerprint

This is what we read in WaBetaInfo, which several months after this feature appeared hidden is already beginning to be activated publicly. This happens in the version. 2.19.221 beta, the latest version that you can already download in APKMirror or UptoDown. In addition to having this version, it is necessary that our mobile has a fingerprint reader (it seems quite obvious, right?) And Android 6.0 or higher.

According to WaBetaInfo, if you update and the function does not appear, it is advisable to uninstall the application and perform a clean installation of the version. This is recommended because the application is more likely to activate the new server functions in the initial configuration. However, you may not even have the function yet, so You will have to wait a few hours for the global deployment of the function to end.

This option is in Settings -> Account -> Privacy. The option will initially have the possibility of being activated and will ask for the fingerprint to verify that it is us. Once authenticated, we will have several options.

Initially we can configure the time that has to pass until we ask for the print since we close the application. The options are immediately (so you always ask us for the print), 1 minute and 30 minutes since the application was closed.

We can also configure notifications not to show content. Similarly, the WhatsApp widget will not display conversation information unless the application is unlocked.