You can now play Pokmon Masters without using VPN

The official launch of latest Pokémon game it's closer. Is about Pokémon Masters And, if a few days ago we told you that it was already available to play in some countries, now we can play without doing anything weird or use a VPN, although it has its risks.

Pokémon Masters is the next great mobile game of the Pokémon universe, in this case the adventure will take us to the island of Passio and the title will consist of 3 vs. 3 fights. The official world launch date is expected by the end of August, but the game has already been available for weeks in pre-registration on Google Play.

However, just a few days ago we told you how to play Pokémon Masters using a VPN service. Why? Because that way we can "emulate" that we are connecting to the game from countries where it is available, such as Singapore. Now we can play directly without VPN, simply install the APK and go.

Play Pokémon Masters now

To play, the first thing we have to do is install the game through its file APK, since it still cannot be downloaded from Google Play. This APK of Pokémon Masters can be downloaded from Uptodown.

When you open the game on your mobile, it will indicate that you select between Singapore, Canada or Other country, here we have to select Singapore or Canada and the game will start without problem (selecting Other will not work). Of course, the game itself alerts us that we risk being banned if we lie about the location.

In addition, we can also link Nintendo Account to save the progress of the game and synchronize (it is not mandatory, you can wait for the game to officially exit in Spain).

For the rest, the game runs smoothly, will download an extra data packet of about 300 megabytes and among the starter tutorial we find an interesting option for parents: we can receive a notification if an in-app purchase limit is exceeded.