7 tricks and tips to use Uber

Since its founding in 2009, the Uber application has been growing dramatically and can now be used in cities around the world. Its operation is very simple: from your smartphone You can request a private or shared taxi at an affordable price.

This app, available for both Android and iOS devices, integrates a Google Maps map capable of detecting your current location and showing you the route until you reach your destination.

Apart from its cost, what makes this application unique is that, after each service, passengers can rate drivers and vice versa. This score is public and can be used by others to decide whether or not to share a car with that person.

Where can Uber be used?

Uber offers its service in more than 700 cities around the world, both in North America, South America, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Among them are three Spanish towns: Barcelona, Madrid Y Mlaga. It can also be used in some cities in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Panama.

Why is Uber such a controversial application?

The appearance of Uber – and other similar applications such as Cabify– It has also raised the appearance of a conflict between this American company and taxi drivers in cities such as Madrid, which accuse it of unfair competition.

Taxi drivers must disburse large amounts of money to get a license, as well as comply with very strict conditions and study all the streets of the city where they work. In contrast, Uber drivers, no.

Another controversy has to do with the supposed bad behavior that some Uber workers have towards the users of this service, as evidenced by some public denunciations of testimonies.

Step 1. Create an Uber account

The first step to start using the Uber application is logically to create an account if we don't have one yet. We will also have to configure it with our personal data: name and surname, mobile and credit card.

These are specifically the steps to follow:

one. Open the application of the Google Play or the App Store, look for the app Uber and install it completely free of charge.

two. Now, open the application you just downloaded. You can create an account using your mobile phone, your Facebook profile or your Gmail email.

3. In our case, we use our Gmail account, although we will also need to link it with a mobile number. In fact, we must verify the number with a 4-digit code that will be sent to us.

4. On the new screen, tap on I do not have an account and then you can start configuring it by entering your address e-mail.

Now, create the password of your account and enter your Name and surname.

5. Before finishing, you will have to accept Uber's terms of use and privacy policy. To do so, simply tap on the arrow icon.

6. Finally, you should choose one way to pay: Google Play, credit or debit card, PayPal or gift card. In our case, we choose to pay by card, so we enter our bank details.

How to create a Business account

If you want to use an Uber for work reasons – and you want the company you work for to pay – you can use the same app to set up an account that you will use only on these occasions. We explain how below.

one. On the initial page of your app, tap on the icon in the form of three horizontal lines to open the menu Then, tap on the option Do you use Uber for companies?.

two. Now, tap on Continue to start setting up your Business account and enter the address of Electronic mail? Nico to which you want receipts sent. give to Following to continue configuring it.

4. You can then link a platform of expense reports with your Business account. Choose Concur, Expensify, Certify or Chrome River, or just tap on Skip To skip this step. And you will have your Business account set up!

5. To return to your personal account, go to the initial page of your app and tap on the blue icon with a briefcase that you see in the upper right corner. In the drop-down menu, select Personal.

Step 2. Establish your location and choose your destination

Imagine you are on vacation in London and you need to take a taxi to go to the airport. With your account already created, the steps to follow to request a trip are very simple. We will indicate them below.

one. On the home page of your app, locate the box Where are you going? and touches on her.

two. Surely, the collection location will be automatically identified as the place where you are at that time. If it is not like that or you want to establish another, enter your place of departure in the first box.

3. Finally, choose your destination by entering it in the second box.

Step 3. Choose a car and confirm your trip

As you can see, there are several types of cars that you can choose for your trip. These vary according to the city. In addition, each of them has different conditions, characteristics and prices: from a shared taxi to a high-end vehicle for special occasions.

Next, we list some of the main categories:

  • POOL, which allows to share vehicle and cost with other passengers who make a similar journey
  • uberX, which allows up to four people to use a vehicle privately
  • uberXL: which allows up to six people to use a vehicle privately
  • uberEXEC, which allows traveling in high-end vehicles
  • uberLUX, which allows to travel in elegant and luxury vehicles
  • access, which allows passengers to travel in vehicles adapted for wheelchairs

These are the steps you should follow once you have chosen your destination:

one. In the new page, you can see what type of vehicles are available in your area. Simply swipe from right to left to see all the options.

two. Now, choose the type of vehicle you want to use by tapping on it, in our case uberEXEC, and confirm the action by pressing the button Confirm.

3. If you want to program your Uber for another time, you can tap on the icon with a car and a clock that you see in the lower right corner and choose the date and the hour of collection.

4. In both cases, touch on Confirm pickup and wait for a driver to be awarded to you.

5. You can still cancel the trip simply by tapping on Cancel and confirming the action by touching on S, cancel.

Step 4. Reward your driver

As we have previously announced, Uber has the option of scoring both drivers and passengers. This information can be used later by both other drivers and passengers to decide who they want to travel with.

In this sense, future users and drivers who have taken you to a place will appreciate your feedback. The first because they can decide whether to hire the service of a driver and the second to know how they can improve.

How to value a driver

When you have reached your destination, you can give a score to the driver who has taken you. You can choose one, two, three, four or five stars depending on your opinion about the service received.

Think that they will also be able to rate your behavior in the car, which other drivers will later use to decide whether to accept your request and offer you their service or not.

How to tip a driver

Uber drivers are not allowed to take money in cash, so all payments are made through the application. This includes the tip you want to give to reward your service.

To do this, you must go to the menu of the app and select the section Your trips. Locate the trip whose driver you want to reward and tap on the option Give a tip under the cost of the trip. Finally, enter the amount you want to give.

Step 5. Close your Uber account

If you have already tired of using Uber and want to give your support to conventional taxi drivers, your best option is to close your account. This cannot be done from the application itself, but you should visit their website.

one. First, go to Uber website and log in with your account.

You must first choose the option Rider Sign In and enter after you e-mail or mobile number and your password.

two. Then click on this link to go to the section where you can delete your account. If the link does not work, select the option Help Center and look for the option Delete my Uber account with the help of the search bar.

3. Now, enter Yes In the box Do you want to delete your account? and, optionally, select the reason why you want to delete your account and leave a comment. Finally hit Submit.

4. Finally, you should wait for Uber to contact you to confirm that you want to delete your account.

5. Specifically, shortly after you receive an email from Uber specifying that your account has been deactivated and permanently deleted within 30 days. You are still in time to recover it before this period elapses: you can simply click on the button 'Restore account'or starting session.

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