A 21-inch tablet for board games, as is the ARCHOS Play Tab

When Android entered the world of tablets many saw these devices as a fundamental part of Google's future business. It made sense. The mobiles were very practical but their screens were very small. The tablets came to correct that. But they did not have the evolution of mobile phones.

We have seen how in recent years the terminals have grown diagonally and although now we use very elongated screen ratios some are more similar to the old 7-inch tablets than to the mobiles of that time.

Thus, the tablet market suffered and there are few who currently opt for one. So ARCHOS, a French firm that has been characterized by not being afraid to innovate, has presented one with a large screen. 21 inch. Seriously.

Thought to put it on the table

The ARCHOS Play Tab is a really great device. This is something that doesn't matter too much as long as the firm has designed it to be put on the table and play without having to hold it.

Ideally, use it in games such as Monopoly, Pandemic, Scrabble or Uno, which are available in the Google Play Store, to which the tablet obviously has access.

Very normal benefits

Beyond that peculiar screen, the Play Tab does not have particularly remarkable features. It has an eight-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. You will use Android 9 Pie series and its battery is not especially large to be a device with such a large screen. There are 5000 mAh that will give you energy although ARCHOS says that it is enough for a session of use. We understand that the idea is to use it for a few hours and then charge it until another day, since it is not intended to be used at all times.

The company has confirmed that it will go on sale in Europe throughout 2019 at a price of 249 euros, quite content for the striking of the proposal.