A cheap Xiaomi Mi A1 with fewer functions, as is the BoringPhone

Indies projects in the field of smartphones we have not seen too many. The reason is simple, it is an expensive sector in which hardware development requires an incredibly high investment.

However, from time to time some ideas arise that we could describe as originals. Or crazy, crazy too.

This is the case of BoringPhone, a proposal that comes from New Zealand and promises to give us the perfect balance between an advanced smartphone and a conventional simple phone.

Looking for the midpoint

The idea of ​​this KickStarter project is to obtain a phone that allows us to be located by GPS, that allows us to take pictures with good quality, send SMS, call and use some useful tools but do not take more time from the account.

For this, any application of games or social networks is covered, in addition to the application stores.

It has been thought for those people who want to be located and do not settle for a basic mobile, or those who believe they spend too much time wasted in front of the smartphone.

A basic Xiaomi Mi A1

The project is itself an operating system that runs on top of a pre-existing mobile. In this case, the chosen mobile is the 32GB Xiaomi Mi A1, which has been sold on the KickStarter page for 199 New Zealand dollars, about 120 euros. There are other packs that include various accessories and items and that cost more money. Currently the cheapest pack is about 175 euros since the cheapest one sold out quickly.

It is important that the creators of the project themselves warn that if due to demand their stock of Mi A1 models were depleted, they would resort to another base of similar benefits, although the operating system they have developed would be the same.

It is important to note that there are hardware elements that do not work, such as the zoom camera that incorporates the Mi A1.

A curious idea, but perhaps excessive

The idea of ​​being able to have a powerful terminal that does not distract us but is useful is interesting. However, it is something we can do by simply uninstalling applications and using certain launchers.

Is it worth buying a new smartphone for it?