a tablet for less than 70 euros

Renewals in the product ranges of Amazon They usually arrive by surprise. Hence, today, without rumors or previous leaks, the store has surprised us with new tablet. Are you looking for a larger screen device than a smartphone to take advantage of multimedia content and apps from the Amazon store? You have a new Fire 7 at your fingertips.

Do not expect a powerful tablet, nor a device designed for anything other than to play multimedia content: the renewal of 2019 for the Amazon Fire 7 minimally improves its capabilities while maintaining its adjusted range, both in specifications and price.

What do you not need too much? Is for you. What are you looking for a personal device for your children? It is not a bad solution. Of course, always considering that, despite being Android, does not bring neither Google Play nor Google services; without this being a problem when installing applications since you have at your fingertips the Amazon Appstore.

2019 Amazon Fire 7 features

Tablet very contained in its technical sheet, as we said; receiving good compensation for this reason: Amazon Fire 7 tablet price starts at 69.99 euros, a cost that is not a bad relationship with the price. Of course, you should keep in mind that there are two versions of tablet: with and without ads. What do you endure Amazon advertising? For less than 70 euros you have the Fire 7 more basic. If you want it free of ads, you must pay something else.

Below we detail the characteristics of the Amazon Fire 7 tablet:

  • 7-inch screen with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution (171 dpi).
  • Quad-core processor at 1.3 GHz.
  • 1 GB of RAM.
  • 16 or 32 GB of storage.
  • Space for SD up to 512 GB.
  • Dual band WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • 2 Mpx rear camera; 2 Mpx front camera.
  • Micro USB and 3.5 mm jack.
  • Measures of 192 x 115 x 9.6 mm.
  • Weight of 286 g.
  • Up to 7 hours of use.

The tablet maintains almost the same characteristics of the previous generation by slightly increasing the power, doubling the storage options and, according to Amazon, offering a sharper screen and better shock resistance. On the contrary, autonomy is reduced somewhat: from the 8 hours of use declared by Amazon we pass at 7 hours of these new Fire 7 of 2019.

Generous frames around the 7-inch IPS screen, black as the only option available, intended for home use and without losing the headphone connection. Yes, with micro USB: It is a tablet now with technology a few years ago.

As an Amazon tablet that is, this 2019 Fire 7 is presented as gateway to Amazon content. Prime Video, Amazon Appstore … And all the applications that can be found in the Amazon store, such as Netflix or Spotify. Yes, the content has to be seen in SD because the tablet is only compatible with this resolution.

Price and availability of the new Amazon Fire 7 tablet

Do you want to get one of these tablets? They are currently in presale and will not begin to be distributed until June 6, 2019. These are the prices they have in Spain:

  • 16GB Amazon Fire 7 with ads: 69.99 euros.
  • 16GB Amazon Fire 7 without ads: 84.99 euros.
  • Amazon Fire 7 32GB with ads: 79.99 euros.
  • 32GB Amazon Fire 7 without ads: 94.99 euros.