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We expect a summer of great releases in terms of mobile games, we can also enjoy all those who arrived at our smartphones recently. There are Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the latest Nintendo game starring our beloved Mario playing doctor… And also the last Pokémon: the saga is renewed on mobile phones with Masters, a title that already heats on the bench.

The last conference of The Pokémon Company already revealed the presence of Pokémon Masters, a mobile game where we will fight in 3C3 battles using the best known trainers and Pokémon. Combat mechanics is profiled much more complex and harder than in Pokémon Go, for example; maintaining a large load of micropayments since the rarest trainers can be achieved easily by checking out.

Pokémon Masters It is not yet available for download and the Apk is kept safe. Of course, the developers have taken a big step since they have taken the game to the Google Play Store so that we can register and thus access it when it is available.

Pokémon Masters: instead of collecting Pokémon we must collect trainers

Although the game is not yet on the street some media such as The Verge have accessed a trial version. First impressions are not bad, but the excessive pressure on purchases stands out: although the game can be completed without paying a cent, it is much easier get the weirdest items going through the box.

Not only will we collect trainers and Pokémon based on winning them in luck, also the evolutions and movements are obtained in the same way: based on changing them for the coins of the game; which can be won by playing (few) or paying them with real money (many). In this sense, as it stands out The verge, microtransactions are so present that they are the basis of progress in Pokémon Masters. Both with real money and with virtual currencies.

We do not know when it will finally be available, but we can access the previous Google Play registration: you just need to click on the following link. Surely it won't take long to get free: the developers keep the «summer 2019»As the deadline.