An intense card game with the characters of Capcom, so is Teppen

A few years ago I tried Hearthstone to make an article about the mobile version of a game that at that time was almost beginning. From that moment online card games began to rise in popularity and even the mythical Magic It was reformulated to adapt to the new times.

This is just what Capcom has done with Teppen, a new card game designed for mobile devices that lands on both iOS and Android.

The reason why I mention the Blizzard game is not trivial and is that it reminds us in many ways of this game although it gives me the feeling that Teppen is somewhat more complex or at least has more options.

Teppen opts for card decks

As in most of these games, part of the difficulty of the games, in which we will have to defeat the rivals, is to choose our cards well. These elements represent our characters but also our powers. We can get them for free by completing daily missions and connecting to the game from time to time but we can also get them by buying them with real money.

This is the way chosen to make the game profitable by Capcom, something that does not surprise us since it makes purchases optional but invite them to be made to get more cards.

We will also have a season pass, as in Fortnite, where we can discover exclusive cards. This pass has a cost, although if we play enough we can get it for free.

Battles with many aspects to consider

When we face a rival we have three slots in which we can put our cards, which will fight against those of our rival. As time passes and the combat progresses, they will die and we must replace them with others, which will be in the lower part of the screen, where we will have up to seven slots.

There also appear our hero power, which will allow us to interact directly with the enemy's troops.

Iconic characters and many game modes

Part of the appeal of the game is to be able to use many characters that are video game history, such as Street Fighter Ryu or the legendary Bomberman.

Also in Teppen We will have multiple game modes, from the individual in which the story of each character develops to others against other players, where we will try to reach as high as possible to obtain prizes.