Fight against water in this addictive kayak game: Row Row

With the summer in full swing, threatening to dehydrate with sweat, I'm sure you want a good dip. For example … What do you think go kayaking down wild rivers? Not only does it sound refreshing, it is also loaded with emotion. These are the keys to the game that we highlight, Row row.

The title landed a while ago on iOS and then do it on Android. In our system it is not too popular, hence we have decided to give it a push: Row row He deserves it. It is a casual game more and comes with ads, but for its mechanics, graphic quality and difficulty we believe it is worth recommending. You will link one game after another, we assure you.

Row Row: overcome the wild rivers on the edge of your kayak with the only help of your paddles

The controls are so simple that you have already used them in other games: press on the right of the screen to turn in that direction; and on the left to do the opposite. Y alternate both movements and the kayak will advance in the water. In addition, you have to dodge obstacles, achieve maximum speed in the descent and, in passing, achieve the highest number of coins. It is a very fun challenge.

The trick to get maximum speed is anticipate the bend of the river and also the waterfalls; as well as the obstacles that will stand in our way. Go as fast as possible while maintaining a correct cadence of the left and right blades, turn to trace the best trajectory … and enjoy the minimalist and three-dimensional environment it offers Row row: the game offers its own attractiveness and quality. Too bad the experience is marred by advertising.

As is almost mandatory in free casual games, Row Row offers full-screen advertising from time to time. It is quite annoying; although it can be deactivated with the relevant purchase within the application (3.59 euros). Of course, there is a little "trick": you can save the ads putting the phone in airplane mode. Row Row works perfectly offline.

Row row It is available in the Google Play Store. Free to download, clean of permits and willing to fill your summer with refreshing fun.