half Candy Crush, half Tetris

Nintendo had targeted July 10 in its release schedule for the international distribution of Dr. Mario World, a new mobile-focused game that promised to bring the NES classic gameplay to mobile phones.

Well instead of being delayed, as has happened on other occasions, the Japanese firm has released this title in the Google Play Store, as well as in the AppStore.

A famous protagonist, a known concept

The impression that we could be facing a conversion of the original game changes when we start playing because although we have correct graphics and inspired by the classics, the game form looks a lot like a Candy Crush with touches of Tetris.

The latter is not uncommon since in part the original Dr. Mario was thought of as an alternative to Tetris himself, but the changes make, as we have, more like Candy Crush.

We will have to use the pills, of different colors, to kill the viruses of those same tones. We will do this by putting the pills in the proper position and releasing them on the board, although we will have elements that will help us solve the puzzles before we run out of movements.

With multiplayer game

Although we have not been able to prove it, this proposal brings something fresh, the multiplayer mode with which we can challenge our friends, but that is not unlocked until phase 20 in the simple way.

A current game, for the good and the bad

But we cannot say that it is not a fun game, only that it does not give us the feeling we expected to have the name it has. Nintendo has wanted to upgrade to 2019 and that implies things like limited lives, microtransactions … We can even unlock different characters that will have different powers to interact in the phases.

In addition, we think that the loading times of the game are too high for the graphical or data load that has such a title. Nor do we like the slowness of some animations.

In spite of everything, being a free game the best thing you can do is take a look and decide if it compensates you to have it installed on your mobile.