How to change text size on Android

The screen size of smart mobile phones continues to increase, however, as the screen resolutions are higher, the text that appears on them does not increase.

Below, we explain how to make the text larger so you can read messages, WhatsApp and news with ease without having to resort to glasses or magnifying glass mode.

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Expand text on Android

All Android phones include an option that allows you to increase the font size and display, although as you can see, it is possible that you can vary the exact location where you can find this function in the Settings menu.

The advice that we are going to offer you is based on a last generation model that has the Android 9.0 Pie version installed. However, if you have doubts, you should know that it is not too complicated to locate it, since it is usually found under the options of Settings> Display> Text and display size.

Open the Android Settings menu, which you can access through a shortcut of the application on your home screen, or by sliding down the notification bar (from the top of the screen) and touching the Settings icon .

Scroll down to Settings below and you can see in the Advanced option the additional settings you need. Click on this option and use the sliding scale to adjust exactly how big you want the letter to be. Vers that a preview of the settings appears to help you.

Expand the screen display on Android

It is also possible to increase the size of the display functions in Android, so you not only increase the text of your messages or WhatsApp, but also increase everything else, including the operating system settings.

You will find this option in the Settings menu> Display> Advanced> Screen size. Again, use the sliding scale below to adjust the view to your liking, with the possibility of previewing the final display mode above.

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