How to rotate the screen in Windows

There are several methods that can be used on your computer to rotate the Windows operating system screen. Although it is not a common practice, you may need to rotate it if you work with a 360 convertible notebook, or a device called 2 in 1.

The screen rotation in Windows 10 is an action that these advanced devices offer as standard. However, it is possible that for some reason you have been deconfigured of your equipment, so that you have to resort to force it manually to achieve that end.

The first way you can try to rotate the screen of your laptop or PC is by means of a keyboard shortcut. Whether this works or not, depend on the hardware and software of the equipment. Some graphics card driver programs allow fast access keys to be set.

However, the lack of a quick access option may be because you do not have the software installed. For example, the Intel Graphics Control Panel must be installed if you have an Intel HD graphic in your configuration.

In this article we explain how to know the specifications of your computer following a few simple steps. So you can know what processor, graphics, hard drive or memory your computer or laptop has.

The other method requires that you access the Control Panel of your computer to change the orientation, which could be somewhat annoying if you turn the screen from horizontal to vertical (and vice versa) you do it regularly.

Before going into detail of each type of graph, it is convenient that you know that sometimes the laptops detect by means of sensors the turn of the same to offer the visualization of one way or another.

You can force the notebook to change automatically. If this movement does not work, then you must use the settings offered by the Windows operating system itself.

Rotate the screen using Windows settings

The fastest way to rotate the screen in Windows is to click on the right button of your mouse on any part of your desktop and choose Screen Settings.

You can switch between the vertical and horizontal format through the Orientation drop-down menu, so that it could not be easier. In previous versions of Windows (Windows 7 or 8), right-click and select Screen resolution.

In this article we show you how to rotate the screen in Windows 7, 8 and 10 so you can place your monitor in the viewing mode you prefer.

Next, you will see a graph like the one shown in the image, with the arrangement of the monitors connected to the computer. You can click on one of the screens to select it or drag it to the desired position.

If you work with a double monitor or screen, you can use the Identify button so that the giant numbers are displayed on each monitor indicating quin is quin.

Rotate the screen with Intel graphics

On a portable computer or computer equipped with an Intel graphics chip, rotating the screen or the external monitor connected through an HDMI port is as simple as choosing the orientation you want in the drop-down menu itself.

Here we show you how to set a graphics card in default mode, something very useful if it turns out that your laptop has both dedicated and integrated graphics.

Rotate the screen with Nvidia graphics

If it turns out that your computer has an Nvidia graphic, you will see an option when you start the Nvidia graphic control panel when you click with the right mouse button on the desktop. Then choose the option Screen resolution.

In the menu on the left choose Turn screen. If you see a message that says you cannot turn the screen with stereoscopic 3D enabled, click on the link and uncheck Enable stereoscopic 3D. Try the previous step again to get the rotation.

Rotate the screen with AMD graphics

If you have an AMD graphics card, you should use the Catalyst Control Center controllers that are also accessible by clicking anywhere on the desktop through the right mouse button.

Find the rotation option that can be found under different sections depending on the age of your graphic. In the most recent versions you will find it within Common Display Tasks. An image will show you the possible rotation possibilities.

Now that you know how to handle the display formats, check out this article where we offer you the best graphics cards for PCs in which RTX models prevail.

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