incognito mode and facial recognition

Google Pay has managed to consolidate itself as one of the most popular payment methods in the market, although today in Spain it is a service that is in full expansion. Google is working on adding new features in your application that probably arrive with the Pixel 4.

Facial recognition and incognito mode

The latest developments in the mobile payment application come from a APK Teardown, a kind of internal analysis where references to new functionalities are found. As we can read in Android Police, Google Pay is preparing to receive new features that you will receive in the near future.

Incognito mode is perhaps the strangest of the two new functions. We already know, through the browser or Gboard, that the main feature of the incognito mode is to leave no trace in our history of what we write or navigate (although it does allow our operator to know). Without having more details, we would dare to say that the payments made in incognito mode would not appear in the application, but not perhaps if they appear in the bank accounts, so you will have to wait for your arrival to know how incognito it is.

How incognito payments will work is a secret.

Regarding the second characteristic, it would be the possibility of making payments through facial recognition. Today, it was only possible to protect Google Pay with a pin or fingerprint, so this option increases our chances of biometric identification.

The reason for not having introduced this authentication so far is that it will not be until Pixel 4 that Google takes facial recognition seriously. Despite being a technology that has been with us since Android 4 in 2011, it has never been a method that provides first level security.

It remains to be seen if facial recognition remains as an exclusive or Google will allow mobile phones that already had this method implemented on their own to take advantage of it as well.