My 5 best Android games to enjoy on vacation

In mid-July as we are many are those who, like myself, are dreaming about the holidays because we have them around the corner. Rest, new places to visit, known places to return to recover past moments and time to do things that the rest of the year cannot be done with such depth. For example, play until the fingertips are smooth.

In my list of devices for the holidays can not miss the mobile, the computer, the tablet and some console. The holidays are perfect to enjoy those titles that I have been postponing throughout the year. And not only on consoles, also on mobile: I plan to advance in some of the games I had pending.

What games do I reserve to give them hard and thorough? This is my list and these are my favorite games for the next vacation. If you are looking to fill your leisure time with leisure, I recommend them: they have excellent quality, entertain like no other and make the most of the mobile capabilities of smartphones.

Stardew valley

I do not know the times that I have recommended this game in its Android version, I think it is essential in any phone (and computer, console …). It is as extensive as it is complex; However much each player can adapt the experience to their needs and tastes, it is something that is only available to the best games. Stardew valley it is.

After having hooked my whole family to Stardew Valley, the time has come for me to deepen my proposal. I know it is not a precisely cheap game, but it is very important: it is an investment. You do not finish it in a few hours, nor in all holidays: the amount of fun it includes is colossal.

Cat quest

It is not a recent game since it has been on Android for more than a year. Of course, it is one of those titles that say goodbye for every pixel. Very well designed, fun, with a particular style and all washed down by its RPG mechanics adapted to the touch screen. It is a paid game and does not come cheap; for more than, as with Stardew valley, it's worth its price.

I have Cat quest Halfway, the holidays anticipate that I will finally complete it. If you want to give it a try, I recommend that you add it to your app library: it will be fun for you.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

After the first days of forced testing I have barely played again, so I plan to amend the situation during the holidays. It may not be a game for all tastes since walking with the mobile on the street is not recommended, but it is also true that Niantic has achieved that his last title is more than a simple "farmeo" since Harry Potter It has depth, a history and large amounts of secrets.

I think it's a very funny game to which the "geek" content of the entire universe of Harry Potter. Several hours waiting for me to hunt the Incontratus.

Tetris Royale

Tetris 100 players All the fun of yesteryear on current mobiles. Did I say Tetris yet? Well, that, I plan to give this game hard during the holidays. Just like my long sessions with the Game Boy when I was a kid: there is no other game that has made me waste more hours having fun as much as the block puzzle par excellence.

Tetris Royale It is not yet published, but it can be tested thanks to the open beta to check the servers. You must install the Apk first, you can do it from UpToDown.

Asphalt 9

My last game chosen is Asphalt 9. Another one that I have halfway and one of the few mobile driving titles that has caught my attention after Real Racing 3. Asphalt 9 is very far from simulation, but that does not imply that it stops offering attractive just by addressing the arcade genre: it's fun like him alone. It is also somewhat limited due to all the in-app purchases that it brings as standard, but I will be able to complete the advance by combining it with my other four chosen games.

Asphalt 9 is a car game that even those who do not usually play in this type of development like. Excellent graphic quality (To enjoy it as you need you need a powerful mobile), very extensive, suitable for all levels and also allows progress without spending a penny. Of course, it is something more arduous and slow, also more fun.