One of the best Android games on offer: download Stardew Valley now

In Android There are games for all tastes. It matters little that you do not want to spend more than a few minutes between subway and subway as you have several dead hours of leisure: there will be a game suitable for entertaining. Casual, sports, racing … And excellent RPGs like Stardew valley.

As you know, Stardew valley It is not original of Android since the developers began their journey in Windows. Soon they expanded their designs to consoles, to mobiles with the assault on iOS and then to our Android. It took a while to arrive, but it came with everything that has made Stardew Valley famous: a gigantic role-playing game that is also a farm (or vice versa). With a story so complex that it makes the game one of the most complete in smartphones.

We analyze Stardew Valley for Android as it landed on our platform since we bought it just put the bits in the Google Play Store. Given its quality it is logical that the cost is high; however much it is worth much more than it costs. Especially now: you can buy it with a succulent discount.

Stardew Valley lowers a 33% price: it is the best time to buy it

The game combines a lot of genres offering the set with aspect to 8-bit classic RPG. Even so, don't get carried away by its apparent simplicity: Stardew Valley is super extensive. Plagued with secrets, objects to collect and combine, countless characters to help … If you like role-playing games this is essential. Also if you are looking for a more elaborate title than the typical casual ones and that can offer you dozens of hours of play.

The developers have lowered the price of their game on Android below 6 euros. If it is an excellent purchase at its original cost, imagine with the discount: you will not regret it if you add it to your app library. It is long, complex, really fun and is updated very frequently. Of course, it is one step behind versions such as PC since Multiplayer has not yet reached mobile (will soon). Otherwise, it is identical to the other versions.

You can download Stardew Valley on sale from the Google Play Store. It currently costs 5.99 euros instead of the usual 8.99 euros: you have an excellent opportunity to take a great game.