Play Store include information about payments within apps

Play Store is today the largest mobile application store we can find. Android users are characterized by having a higher consumption of mobile applications for free download, which are the most abundant in the Play Store. Instead, iOS users usually buy more paid apps than Android users, So this is summed up in that most of the App Store applications are paid.

But in the free download apps, developers also want to obtain economic benefits from them, which they can do through two methods: through advertising or incorporating the possibility of making purchases inside these apps. This last method is used mostly in games, in which through these purchases, we can advance levels more quickly. Even in some purchases, it is necessary for esteno to become too heavy.

Recently, a warning has been incorporated into Google Play in each app's tab that includes integrated purchases, so that we know this data before downloading. Currently, if we want to know the prices and products offered within the apps, it is necessary to install them, but Google will change this in a few days, according to Android Police.

According to the rumors issued by this page, All the products that we can buy within the app, as well as their price, will be included in the Play Store tab of each of these, which is already done in the App Store.

Another requirement that developers are going to ask for the publication of apps is that they include your physical address. This is very useful for the end user but it can be a headache for independent developers who do not belong to any company. If this address is not included before September 31, there will be a massive removal of apps from developers that do not meet this condition, but With this Play Store will have a higher quality and end spam.