Pokmon GO has generated more money on Android than on iOS

This month marks one of the mobile games that have had the most impact worldwide since the explosion of smartphones. We refer to Pokémon GO, the Niantic title that was released on July 6, 2016.

In these three years the game has maintained a loyal audience that, although it is far from the peaks reached in the first summer where the madness took over many of us, has allowed us to maintain a constant flow of income.

More than 2500 million revenue

The application, available on iOS devices and Android, has generated nothing less than 2650 million dollars in revenue in these first three years, a spectacular figure that allows us to imagine the potential of mobile games, provided they are done well. The countries that have contributed the most money are the United States and Japan.

The Niantic game has managed to beat titles like Clash Royale (2300 million in three years) or Candy Crush Saga (1860 million at the same time). These figures do not take into account China, where Pokémon GO has not yet been released.

Pokemon GO gives more revenue on Android than on iOS

A striking aspect is that the company has managed to generate more money on Android than on iOS. This is possible because, although users of the Google operating system are less likely to spend money on apps and games, the greater number of these allows you to earn more money.

Specific Revenue from the Google Play Store accounts for 54% of the total, $ 1430 million. The rest, 1220 million, come from Apple's AppStore.

The company expects to reach 3,000 million before the end of 2019, something that is viable if we take into account that so far this year 395 million have been entered. And that in full launch is his new proposal, Wizards Unite.