Pokmon GO is updated with Team Rocket and Pokmon Dark

Pokémon GO is still one of the games that most people move throughout the world, at least on mobile devices. One of the most anticipated updates is the one that has been confirmed by the Twitter account of the title.

In this new version of the game the dark Pokémon will appear for the first time and the Team Rocket, which will be the characters that use them.

The choice of Niantic date is not accidental and it is in summer when more players use Pokémon GO, since it is more plausible to go outside and many have more free time for the holidays.

New pokeparadas

Once we update the game we will have to use it in a normal way but it will be possible to find new pokeparadas somewhat darker than normal, with gray and black tones. This is where we can meet some of the Team Rocket's apprentices, although not with its main protagonists, at least for now.

In these locations we can fight against those apprentices as we do against the trainers in the gyms with the peculiarity that these characters use dark Pokémon. If we manage to defeat them we can capture these Pokémon, and evolve them.

Dark Pokémon, easier to raise power

These new Pokémon will be easier to increase in power than normal Pokémon by needing less dust. We will also need less candy than with conventional ones.

However, it is possible that we find it difficult to find this type of Pokémon since the new pokeparadas will be located mainly in rural areas and little crowded. This will make it uncommon to cross with Team Rocket members and be able to fight them.