Testing the version of Safari for iPad

On iPadItalia they have been testing the version of Safari for iPad (with the simulator). In their analysis, they explain the main Differences between the version for the table and the version for iPhone:

They start by saying that the experience of navigating with the iPad is much better, thanks to the larger screen size. The pages are seen almost entirely, They also highlight the smooth operation of the touch screen. The zoom function works exactly like the iPhone: Perfect.

By typing the destination address, Safari opens the web to perfection and gives the option to visit websites that have been previously visited.

Logically, the text can be select and copy.

On the right we have the classic google search engine

You can also see the typical buttons to go to the previous page, the back and the button to see a thumbnail of all the sites we have open.

The bookmarks bar:

Add a favorite both on the safari itself, and on the iPad home:

You can watch YouTube videos, but only with HTML5:

As for the Safari preferences You can: Activate / Deactivate the autofill function, show the favorites bar, warn of attempts to "fraud", javascript, pop-ups and accept cookies.

The default search engine can also be selected (Google and Yahoo, although we also talk about the Wikipedia …)

And this is all that the guys from iPadItalia have discovered about the Safari version of the iPad. That is not much, much less!

From here our most sincere congratulations. A good job, sir.