The 17 best bags and backpacks for laptops of 2019

It is very unusual that, when buying a laptop, a case or a bag is included to protect it. And if it is included, surely be with the brand logo. The only thing to achieve with this is to advertise that you carry something of value inside and attract thieves.

So, it seems somewhat more sensible – and, why not, more stylish – to buy a separate bag in which to keep our device safe. There are bags of all kinds and for all colors: backpacks, wallets, briefcases

If you need to buy a new bag, do not hesitate and read this article where we have collected our 16 favorites. Then you will also find a small guide that we recommend that you read before making any purchase.

Keys to keep in mind before buying a bag or backpack for your laptop

1. How tall is your laptop?

All laptop bags have a computer compartment. You should check the dimensions of your device to see if it can fit, although the best advice is to check if it is compatible before buying it.

The pockets where the laptops are going to tend to be somewhat larger than the labels indicate. Thus, if you have a 16-inch computer, you may be able to store it in a bag that theoretically can only be used for laptops up to 15 inches.

2. How much protection do you need?

The protection offered by laptop bags varies according to the article. Some manufacturers add an extra layer of padding and another one at the bottom to avoid bumps and others just a kind of cover without cover at the top.

3. What will you keep in the bag?

Apart from the laptop, you probably need space to transport the charger, other computer accessories and other items that you usually carry with you, be it the wallet, the house keys, the mobile or a bottle of water.

Most bags with a standard size have several pockets where you can store everything in an organized way. Those with larger dimensions will even allow you to store more bulky items like shoes.

We recommend checking the capacity in liters that you will find on the product label or in its description if you buy it online. Remember, that is, the more capacity you have, the heavier the bag.

4. What other features do you need in a bag?

If you are one of those who always carry a tablet or a smartphone, you are interested in a bag that has a compartment dedicated to this type of device and even that has a hole through which to pass the cable of your headphones.

It is also useful to buy a bag with closed zippered pockets and which you can access independently, without first having to open the large pocket. That also helps keep thieves well away.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of buying a backpack, look for one that has padded braces or even a padded backrest for extra comfort that will come in luxury if you need to go with the backpack in tow for a long time.

5. Do you need it to be waterproof?

Many laptop bags are made of a waterproof material either inside or out. If this is your priority, make sure that the bag you are going to buy says so explicitly. Others will not protect your laptop from water.

Of course, not all of them will offer you the same degree of impermeability. When you see it rains, and especially if you do not have an umbrella, make sure you cover the backpack with an extra layer of protection, such as a plastic bag or a raincoat.

6. How much are you willing to spend?

The price of laptop bags varies greatly, but the truth is that, even if you have paid a lot of money, you do not always take home a really quality product.

Like everything, even if you buy a bag from a very popular and expensive fashion firm, this does not assure you that you take home a good protection for your laptop and that the quality of its zippers or closures is better than those of a bag cheaper

Comparison: What is the best laptop bag or backpack?

STM Banks

The STM Banks It is the last laptop backpack of the Australian company and offers a capacity of 18 liters without neglecting the style at all. It is available in green, blue, brown and gray and has a breathable mesh on the back.

It is designed for the day but also to transport a laptop comfortably and safely. You can carry with you laptops up to 15 inches, a charger, you smartphone, your food, sunglasses, an external battery and even a jacket.

If you are concerned about the safety of your laptop, with this bag and its Slingtech protection system, your device will be safe. It is designed in such a way that the case where the notebook goes is suspended, so that it better withstand the falls.

Despite the entire range of compartments, which even allows you to distribute the cables in different sections, we consider that the openings are somewhat narrow, which makes the process of opening the pocket and storing the items more complicated.

Targus CityGear

Available in three different sizes -14, 15.6 or 17.3 inches-, the new backpack Targus CityGear It is designed in a very intelligent way so you can accommodate and protect all the devices that any traveler needs to carry.

In PCWorld Spain we have tried the smaller version, ideal for those who have a laptop of 14 inches or less. You will find all zippered compartments very useful, where you can store your laptop and also your tablet or your shoes

For smaller items, you can use the front pockets. Each has its own function. You even think that Targus has thought of everything and has designed a section where you can store your sunglasses.

In addition to all these pockets, what we especially like about this backpack is that it has a padded backrest that makes it much more comfortable to carry. Instead, we would like the straps to be somewhat more padded.

Booq Cobra Squeeze

Booq is a popular manufacturer of laptop backpacks, creator of one of the most demanded bags today: Cobra Squeeze. It may seem small from the outside, but its internal capacity will surprise you.

The shape of this backpack reminds the shell of a turtle, which makes the weight distributed equally and your back does not suffer. Your laptop will be protected by an extra layer of padding and you can also save your tablet In a separate pocket.

This bag includes a zippered top pocket in which you can put other items such as your phone, your keys, headphones, etc. Said pocket is lined, so that you smartphone Do not suffer scratches.

We especially like the tracking system designed by Booq and, with the serial number, let you know where your bag is in case of loss or theft. This partly justifies the somewhat expensive price of the product.

Messenger backpack Moshi Tego

If you usually carry heavy equipment, your best option is always to be a backpack, since both your back and your devices will be more protected. Now, if you're not going to carry so much weight, a wallet like Moshi Tego you will like it

Is messenger backpack, available in several colors, is made of a durable material and looks very elegant. In addition, it is part of the company's range of anti-theft products.

That means that it includes a pocket protected from radiofrequency identification to prevent someone malicious from getting information from your bank cards. In addition, its reverse zippers make it more difficult to open the pockets.

Certainly, all this can cause some inconvenience in the owner. You should take off your backpack to open it, but it may be worth it if you are assured that you will not be robbed. In addition, it is also waterproof.

Mission Workshop Rhake

A backpack that may not be for all audiences but that is certainly of excellent quality is the Mission Workshop Rhake. We believe that it can be especially useful for those who use the bike often.

This bag with a capacity of 22 liters is completely waterproof thanks to an extra layer of protection that you can roll on top when you don't need it. In addition, the material from which it is manufactured will ensure resistance for many years.

Its creators have taken care to include pockets for everything: water bottle, laptop and tablet, in addition to small accessories, smartphone and a DSLR camera. All this is protected with another layer sealed with two buckles.

By way of conclusion, then, the Rhake may be too much for some laptop owners, but you can be sure that it is safe from bumps and water. You will even have space for two changes.

HOMIEE 15-inch computer backpack

If you are looking for a backpack that offers good value for money, HOMIEE brand It may be what you are looking for. This backpack model offers several compartments and pockets to carry everything to transport in an organized way.

We like its square and flat design (it doesn't bulge too much even if you carry it loaded), available in gray and black. The outer material is waterproof so you won't have to worry about covering it if you wear it while it rains.

It is a comfortable backpack to carry, the cushioning of the part that rests on your back makes transporting it a most comfortable task.

In addition, HOMIEE has incorporated a USB charging port with a cable, however, the backpack itself does not charge alone, it only offers easy access to a charging source, so you will have to carry a external battery or power bank to get the most out of the backpack.

It is undoubtedly the ideal backpack if you do not want to spend too much without sacrificing quality, in addition, it is a model that is practical in your day to day for its comfort, design and versatility.

Kingsons anti-theft backpack

A good option to take your computer and technological accessories with you wherever you want is this Kingsons anti-theft backpack, which at a very affordable price offers you the possibility of having everything well kept and away from thieves.

We miss more compartments to store all our accessories in an organized way, although it is true that the backpack is designed to prevent others from opening it without you noticing.

Thus, apart from the main zipper – located on the back of the backpack – you will find a pocket on the back that will be very useful for carrying such precious objects as your keys, mobile phone or identity card .

The main compartment will serve you to carry larger objects, such as your 15-inch laptop or a bottle of water. Don't worry if it rains a little and you don't have an umbrella. This bag is waterproof and your possessions will be safe.

HOMIEE Large capacity backpack for 15-inch notebook

If you are looking for a large capacity backpack, we definitely recommend this HOMIEE backpack model. Its anti-theft design makes it the perfect companion for any trip.

In addition to being able to safely transport a laptop up to 15 inches, you can carry a lot of objects thanks to the capacity that this backpack offers. It also has multiple pockets and compartments that will allow you to organize everything you transport much better.

This nylon backpack is resistant to water and scratches, making it a durable and resistant product. This also makes it suitable for those who enjoy hiking or camping.

The HOMIEE has a USB input and cable, although you need to use a power bank to be able to use the charging source since the backpack does not charge on its own.

HOMIEE is characterized by offering quality products at more than reasonable prices, so if you are looking for a decent, comfortable and resistant backpack, this may be one of your best options for business.

The Ruck backpack

More known for his collection of covers for smartphones Y tablets, Speck has shown that it is also a good manufacturer of laptop bags. Proof of this is the backpack The ruck, also available in Amazon.

This is a backpack with a capacity of 28 liters that allows you to store any laptop 15 inches or less in one of its padded compartments. In another, you can also save your tablet.

The backpack also includes several smaller sections for all your devices and items. We especially like a cover that can only be opened halfway and that prevents all your properties from falling to the ground.

Despite its fairly affordable price and all the features it offers, the quality of manufacture of the bag is surprising, as well as its comfort. Thanks for the breathable mesh on the back and the padded straps.

Treya Lite – Bag / backpack

Moshi is undoubtedly one of our favorite brands in backpacks and bags to transport our laptop with comfort and style in equal parts.

This model It allows you to accommodate a laptop up to 13 inches inside, in a specially designed compartment so that the mobile device does not suffer any type of damage when it is transported.

You also have plenty of space to carry other things, and even look like a stylish work bag.

Like its older brother, the Treya Jet Black, this model allows you to enjoy a three in one, that is, you can carry it as a shoulder bag, as a backpack or take out the front pocket to look like a clutch

This removable pocket can purchased separately for 51.45 in different colors to be able to exchange it with the basic black or brown and combine it with your outfit.

We have to recognize that the price of the bag is not the most affordable on this list, but the quality to the touch, comfort, versatility and elegance of its design make the price really worth it.

Treya – Jet Black / Convertible bag

Why settle for a bag if you can have three at a time? Starting from this base, Moshi has created the Treya convertible bag, with which you will have a messenger bag, a backpack and a small wallet at the same price.

The pack It comes with two straps. You can use one to hang your bag crosswise or use them both at the same time as a backpack. The wallet, which you can choose in several colors, is integrated in the large bag, but you can remove it and use it as an individual bag.

Moshi makes it very easy for you customize the Treya to your liking. This model is designed to carry laptops up to 15 inches and its compartments will serve to store and protect other electronic devices.

Just by looking at this bag, you will realize its manufacturing quality. The price may not be the most affordable for most, but this model of vegetable leather with metal buckles is the ideal for those who want to bring a little elegance to work.

Helios Mini design backpack

A laptop backpack does not necessarily have to be ugly. With this premise in mind, Moshi has once again created an elegant and sophisticated design that everyone likes: Helios Mini backpack, available in both olive green and savanna beige.

What first attracts the attention of this model is its exterior appearance, which may well look like a design of a haute couture firm. That is partly thanks to its size, ideal for transporting a 13-inch notebook or for daily use.

However, do not be fooled by its dimensions. The inside of the backpack is full of compartments where you can store all your possessions: wallet, water bottle, pens, portable chargers, keys, glasses case …

To make this backpack, vegetable leather has been used, which makes it ideal for vegans. In addition, it is resistant to inclement weather. Do not worry if it rains or if your bag gets dirty with mud: its lining makes it very easy to clean.

Targus Work + Play Fitness 15.6

Sometimes, all we need is an article that allows us to do everything. If after going to the office, you plan to go to the gym, look no further: Targus Work + Play Fitness It is made for you, since you can store both a laptop and sportswear.

Its more than decent capacity of 24 liters is complemented by a very intelligent design. The rear compartment has a zipper that goes from one side of the backpack to the other, where you can store, for example, your sneakers and your spare clothes.

There is another medium-sized pocket that is ideal for carrying your laptop that, of course, cannot have a screen larger than 15.6 inches. The net pockets will help you store your water bottles and the front one for your mobile phone.

Targus has thought of everything and also includes a section for personal cleaning products. Vers, on the other hand, that the resistant strip on the top that you can use to carry the backpack with your hand or hang it on a hook is very comfortable for you.

STM Haven

The company STM design your Haven backpack always keeping in mind both the style and its usability. This is how I managed to create an article with a very attractive appearance and which, in turn, has a lot of space and different compartments.

In this backpack you can store a 15-inch notebook. Be safe thanks to a case made of a very thin material that prevents your device from being scratched. It also uses Slingtech technology that protects it from falls.

You will find very practical all the pockets that you will find both inside and outside and that will allow you to store small accessories like you smartphone, headphones or your sunglasses.

If what concerns you is your comfort, you will love the padded backrest that also allows such grateful ventilation on those hot days. This product, available in several colors, is also waterproof.

Moshi Helios Lite backpack

Backpack Moshi Helios Lite, available in AmazonIt is a small, thin and very stylish article that is the envy of everyone. You can carry laptops up to 13 inches with you, as well as many other accessories.

In this sense, this bag will allow you to transport your 11.6-inch MacBook Air, as well as everything you need to go to the office, from personal items to others designed for work. It is, therefore, the best ally for day to day.

If you are concerned that the objects you carry in it get wet, you would like to know that it is made of a waterproof material. They will also make your life easier also the two magnetic buckles that, in addition to beautiful, are very practical.

In addition to the main compartment for the laptop and the other sections where you can store your smartphone, your wallet and your sunglasses, you will find a small back pocket to put your most valuable items, such as your passport when traveling.

Thule Crossover 25L

Thule has designed a new backpack for your collection Crossover with a capacity of 25 liters and that is made of nylon. This makes it appear granite in the distance. The outer part also protects the inside of the water.

We are struck by precisely the great water resistance of this bag. Not only can you keep your laptop safe but logically also all the other devices and items that you carry inside, and this backpack has many compartments.

The main compartment is closed by a double zipper and includes a pocket where you can put your laptop up to 17 inches. In this section you will also find two smaller pockets but large enough to store anything.

Our great but is the nonexistent protection that has the bottom of the pocket designed for a laptop. This being separated only by a thin foam with the rest of the backpack, which does not seem very intelligent before possible falls.

Moshi Vacanza travel suitcase

Okay, maybe it’s Moshi travel suitcase It is not the best option if you just want to take your laptop with you. Now, it is perfect if you want to carry your laptop and much more, especially when you are going to spend a weekend outside.

We like that Moshi has also thought about those moments when you want to take the laptop in your travel bag but you want to protect it at the same time. This is possible with this Moshi product, which has a specific compartment for your computer.

In addition, the company has also thought of those who want to have everything very tidy. The smaller compartments will be ideal for storing the mobile, the tablet, cables and chargers, a power bank and other technological accessories.

Best of all, you still have plenty of room to store your bag, clothes, shoes and whatever you need to take on a trip. You will also like that it is made of a weather-resistant vegan skin.

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