The best keyboards for designers

If you are one of those who work all day in front of a computer in a studio, agency or office, using the appropriate peripherals and elements can give you significant advantages when it comes to addressing your projects and delivering them on time.

In fact, using an appropriate keyboard or mouse can offer you shortcuts or quick access to functions and thus spend less time on manual processes that are repetitive.

On many occasions we spend time evaluating what is the best computer, laptop or graphic tablet that interests us, leaving aside the rest of the devices that surround us.

In the article we cover, we show you a complete list of the best keyboards for designers, which include keyboards with customizable layout, lighting and specific function keys.

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There are applications such as Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom that allow the custom association of keyboard shortcuts. We have also included special accessories, such as the best mini keyboards and consoles designed for editing.

one. Logitech Craft

The best keyboard for general purpose designers

Among those analyzed, we have recommended it as the best keyboard for general purpose designers, because in broad strokes, to be the one that is best for a large majority of advanced users who use PC design tools.

Specifically, we will say that the Logitech Craft is useful for any user who uses Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Lightroom Classic CC. In fact it works with both Windows platform and macOS, at least for Adobe tools.

It also offers LED backlighting in order to facilitate its use in certain lighting conditions. It stands out for its dial located in the upper left that you can use to control parameters of creative applications, as well as with programs such as PowerPoint and Word.

Logitech refers to the dial as a crown and works similar to the Microsoft Surface Dial, available for Surface Pro and Surface Studio equipment, so you can get an idea of ​​its possibilities if you have had the chance to use one of these devices.

Within Photoshop, to cite an example, crown management allows you to zoom in or out. Click on the top of the quadrant and the parameters of the tool you are using will appear.

If you find yourself using the brush tool, see that the turn will show you additional functions such as size, hardness, opacity or flow. You can press one or another choice by turning the dial as you go.

At this point, it should only be mentioned that the dial is not practical for those left-handed users who usually handle the mouse with their left hand.

The last update carried out by Logitech in its Craft model It already includes the support of more applications such as Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Reader DC and VLC Media Player on Windows, as well as preview in QuickTime and Safari. You can also handle Spotify on Windows and Mac.

two. Keychron

The best mechanical keyboard

We have always been passionate about mechanical keyboards for their resistance and evolution with which it is possible to increase productivity. In the case of Wireless Keychron, its clean and elegant appearance makes it one of our favorite choices.

It is compact because it lacks the typical area of ​​numeric keys on the right, and has a thickness of 18 mm of low profile that makes it thinner in front of its competitors.

MacOS users should know that the keychron It has all the Mac function keys that are seen in the Apple Magic, including keyboard shortcuts for Siri and Dictation with their iconic symbols for location.

If you are not a Mac computer user, a simple switch at the top allows you to switch to Windows mode to change Siri's call to Cortana. We can also activate Bluetooth here if you want to use it with a 2-in-1 device or tablet.

If you are thinking of acquiring a comfortable and valid keyboard for different platforms. The Keychron is a good choice at a price that does not skyrocket.

3. Azio Retro Classic

The best retro keyboard

This backlit keyboard offers a vintage style finish. It weighs 1.5 kilograms and tries to imitate the keys of traditional typewriters. In fact, the Azio brand is known for its robust keyboards aimed at players and unconditional typists.

Vers that its keys are atypical, with a rounded finish so that it combines modern technology with classic appearance. In fact, the keys are backlit, with LEDs centered below each key to provide a uniform light across the board.

The Retro Classic model What we see here and that illustrates the photo is the Elwood, but you can choose between four models that are Artisan, Psoh and Onxy. For 30 dollars more, the brand offers the Retro Classic BT that completely ignores cables to offer wireless connectivity, if it is your preference.

Four. Corsair K70 RGB

The best keyboard with lighting

Built with resistant aluminum materials, the K70 RGB of the Corsair brand is another mechanical keyboard slightly oriented to the games without abandoning the rest of the uses you can give your PC, including artists with macro functions.

It has specific controls for the volume and handling of multimedia content. It also stands out for having 8 MB of internal storage in which to save your lighting profiles, macros and shortcuts used with applications. It is possible to store up to 3 different profiles.

It is a wired model, but also incorporates an additional USB port to which you can connect all kinds of devices. There are also guides to fix the excess cable below the keyboard and prevent it from being scattered across the table.

The control offered by the lively and dynamic RGB lighting of the K70 RGB It can be configured in a simple way by means of the corresponding application to offer different environments. You also have a large palm rest area for easy handling.

5. Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad

The best classic keyboard for Mac

Although it is not a precisely cheap purchase, the official keyboard model developed by Apple to manage its Mac computers will not let you down if you want to bet on something safe, although obviously you will only find key functions designed for macOS.

It is a wireless model with a long-lasting rechargeable battery which is powered through a traditional USB port. With a charge you will have to use the equipment for about a month before resorting to a new charge.

You can also use the USB to Lightning cable included with the Apple Magic Keyboard to use it with cable so that you do not stay in any moment without being able to use it. On its short-haul keys, they resemble the experience offered by the use of the keyboard of any new generation Macbook.

6. Loupedeck +

If it turns out that because of your professional profile you need more than what a traditional keyboard offers you, this Loupedeck Plus device additionally connects to your device to offer you a complete photo editing console with specific use functions.

It works together with Adobe Lightroom (any version prior to Lightroom 6), Premiere Pro and Photoshop, in addition to After Effects on PC and Mac using a standard USB port. It also works alongside the Adobe Lightroom Keys Editor keyboard.

Using Loupedeck + You can control common functions, tools and settings within Adobe Lightroom using various programmable and customizable buttons and dials. The console is not cheap so be sure before you take advantage of it.

7. Palette controller kit

If what you need are customized solutions that go beyond a single dial control, the Palette company offers a collection of interconnected buttons, dials and sliders that can work with many Adobe and Final Cut Pro applications.

Each control sits on its own module, which you can connect to any design you want, with a command module that connects to the PC or Mac through a USB port.

exist three kits available marketed by Palette, each with the command module and many others, and you can buy additional modules separately as new needs arise. The standard model has two buttons, a dial and a slider.

The professional model offers four buttons, six dials and four sliders.

8. Delux Designer

This mini keyboard differs from the rest in that it provides only half of the keys of a traditional model, focusing on the functions you will use to draw or make designs with a single-handed valindote drawing tablet.

In addition to a zoom dial, you can handle the thickness of the brushes, the opacity, or simply increase the volume when a sound appears on your mixer for a particular edition or program.

Delux Designer is compatible with countless professional applications such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Maya, Rhino and other CAD and 3D solutions. It has a software for Windows and Mac with which you can customize the function keys and their macros.

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