The best mobile insurance of 2019

Smart mobile phones can be expensive at the time of purchase, but in return, there are many benefits they bring us. In this sense, it is advisable to take out insurance that gives us some peace of mind when faced with the risk of theft, loss or breakage of the screen, among others.

Like any other insurance, such as car or home insurance, when choosing mobile insurance we have to look at the type of coverage it covers and the limits. You may find plans that will pay you for a repair and others that cover a maximum of annual repairs.

We have selected a list of insurance companies that we recommend below, with advice on the different modalities, coverages included, repair plans, and in which cases its hiring is appropriate or not.

Operator mobile insurance

Many are the users of smartphone who choose to acquire their new terminal associated with an operator such as Movistar, Vodafone, Orange or Yoigo (among others), with the advantage of being able to pay it in installments, or obtain a discount on the final price of the terminal.

Thus, most of these telephone operators provide insurance services associated with the devices. They offer in their contracts, damage coverage, loss or even theft, so it is worthwhile to evaluate your options before going to an independent insurance company.


The Spanish multinational offers a worldwide coverage for a price of 4.49 per month for operator users whenever they hire it during the first 15 calendar days after the purchase of the device.

Covers accidental damage, theft or theft, replacement mobile, or receiving fraudulent calls, with coverage of up to 1,000. Offer 6 different modalities in order to adapt to the needs of each one, in addition to a small franchise in the policy.


The case of the British operator is similar, with two well-identified coverages. On the one hand, Total Protection Insurance that includes theft or fraudulent use of up to 500; on the other, the Accidental Dao Insurance that covers screen breakage or liquid damage.

The customer must pay in franchise an amount that depends on the insured device (between 25 and 75) and a monthly payment of 3.


The third largest mobile phone operator in our country shows on its website the conditions of hiring mobile insurance quite clear, specifying the value of the franchise for each amount of mobile insurance.

The minimum contract period is 6 months and with prices starting at 3 per month, with conditions covering up to the annual economic limit of the policy, which is equal to the purchase price of the insured device.


Other companies such as Sum Broker are dedicated to marketing insurance adapted to mobile devices. Your offer starts at 6 a month for mobile phones whose price varies between 200 and 400. As its cost increases, the amount rises to reach 12.67 in those over 900.

Choose the mode, send the photo of the terminal and you will have the insurance coverage of your mobile. The service is provided by the company Sum Broker.

Specialized insurance companies

There are a large number of companies on the market that offer insurance policies with damages for liquids and thefts, but keep in mind that most of the modalities will not cover the loss. This is what we know as the intimidation theft clause.

Be sure to check the fine print of what you are going to hire, since sometimes a cheap price means that all modalities will not be covered. Also consider add-ons such as worldwide coverage if you travel, or cover unauthorized calls.

Technologies such as Apple Pay and Android Pay also carry some risks if your mobile phone is stolen, since they can be used for mobile payments or transactions contactless.

There are also companies that offer an additional charge for repairs that exceed a certain amount of money. If you have a high-end mobile phone whose value at the time of purchase is close to 900, you should also evaluate this possibility.

Companies like Caser offer insurance with basic coverage, or with optional coverage, adapting to your needs. You should only consider hiring it if your mobile device has less than 16 days since you bought it with a purchase invoice.

The Zurich Group also offers Klinc insurance with different types of coverage and adapted to all types of products, including tabletportable smartwatch, electric scooter or even GoPro camera. You can try Calculate your price through its website.

These companies, unlike what usually happens with mobile operators, allow you to register and cancel insurance from one day to the next, with a method that approximates the payment for use depending on your travel or work needs. play

Manufacturer's insurance

Screen breaks or the fact of submerging in water are usually the most common accidents suffered by mobile phones. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the risks that can end your terminal.

Some smart phone manufacturers cover certain damages during the first 12 months (2 years depending on some cases). The iPhone they are one of them, as well as the high-end models of the big manufacturers like Samsung or Huawei.

Check your home insurance

It's also possible that your phone is covered by your home's home insurance, also known as multi-home. The modality of Ocaso Hogar PlusFor example, it covers personal and material damages to third parties that we have caused in our home environment.

The tendency of the companies is to include it as a complementary coverage for which a surcharge is paid, but you will be making sure that if your child's friend comes to play at home and it turns out that the mobile or tablet of the friend falls to the ground and the screen is broken, under certain conditions, the house insurance will take care of the repair.

Check the fine print before taking your phone to repair, since there are also banks that open an account, or direct the payroll, collect some type of insurance coverage for your mobile.

The coverage is slightly different, since to repair your mobile screen, you may run out of it for 15 days. They choose the place of repair and you must be willing to do without smartphone for a while, but in return you will be taking advantage of a repair at zero cost.

Check the terms and conditions well

As a general rule, large mobile insurance is expanding the type of coverage in order to offer you a more professional service. Now, they offer screen repair, birds related to device charging, liquid damage, or even costs associated with unauthorized calls.

However, there is still room for improvement, given that for users, the information and data stored inside are usually of great value. Cloud storage services partially supplement this loss, but few have copies of everything.

With models of smartphone whose storage capacity is already at 128 GB, 512 GB, or even 1 TB, the value of all the content you can store inside it can have an incalculable value.

Is it worth hiring a mobile insurance?

If the mobile appraisal is no longer too high, or it has been years since you bought it, the cost of repairing it is probably substantially lower than the price of hiring a mobile insurance policy.

According to the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users), having insurance for the mobile phone does not compensate for the high price it entails in relation to the coverage it offers.

That said, assess whether it compensates you to hire it. Obviously, the newer your terminal is and the more premium, but you will be justifying the investment. It is also convenient to make use of these insurances in the event that you are buying a high-end terminal from a minor.

If you are one of those who have an iPhone, you can check here the article on how to choose the best insurance for your iPhone. We also talked in this other report about whether It is worth hiring the AppleCare service that the company offers Associated with their products.

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