The dream graphics finally come to Google Fit

As usual Google It covers the basics we all need in a smartphone. And it does so without having to install any application: the company is enough and left over to provide services and a multitude of functions. In addition, it has developed an umbrella of software so complete that it covers up to health basics. There is Google Fit to prove; even if the application has not received much love lately.

After months without Google updating Fit very recently renewed app design implementing the always necessary dark mode. We also learned that he was developing new features; with the sleep log as an outstanding novelty. Well, as Google itself has communicated, Fit is already compatible with all data related to sleep.

Google Fit incorporates sleep synchronization with applications and manual data insertion

As we said, Google announced the news in its own blog, so it is 100% official: Google Fit is renewed with more than just a rework to the aesthetics of the app. And it is not that we disgust the dark mode of the last update, rather the opposite, but we find that the attitude of abandonment towards Fit, both in the mobile app and in the application for Wear OS, is neglecting a service that It would have to be much more powerful and compatible. And the renewal is a saying and that the sleep data was already synchronized.

The ways of add sleep data to Google Fit They are two: either we insert them manually or we use an application that is dedicated to the registration of the dream so that the values ​​are moved to Fit automatically (Sleep as Android, for example). By default the Google Fit application does not capture sleep patterns at night, so you need a third-party app for it. What it will reflect now is all that data in the form of graphs with the different patterns.

The dream log graphics are already operational in the Google Fit application: you only need to have an app synchronized to record the data. If you have not updated Fit you can download the latest version from the Google Play.