The essential application and game this week

Every Sunday we try lengthen the weekend a bit with an incredible application and game that will make you have a good time. Every day new applications arrive at the App Store, but it is true that many of them are not worth it, however we recommend two that are really interesting.

The jeugd we bring you today is called AR Tanks and you can have battles on the floor or at a table in your house thanks to augmented reality. On the other hand we have Splice, a simple but really powerful video editor compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

Apple is working hard to provide incredible augmented reality tools to developers and an example of how it works is AR Tanks. The floor on our floor or the dining room table will become an authentic battlefield.

We we will control a small tank and we will have to move to shoot the enemies that are hidden is different scenarios in front of us. A very interesting game that measures the incredible capabilities of augmented reality.

Devices like the iPhone or iPad are becoming more powerful and applications like Splice prove it. Already It is not necessary to have a powerful computer to edit your videos, you can do it quietly from the sofa with your iPhone or iPad and this incredible application.

Splice is defined as simple but powerful and brings us a complete video editor to the palm of your hand. He has the experience of having a desktop video editor and they have managed to transmit all that power to a very simple app to use. If you want to edit the videos this summer, Splice is one of the best applications.

It is two applications really interesting if you like to edit video and the augmented reality with which the games come alive. We recommend that you do not miss the recommendations of last week with the fun game Ghost Pop! and the EyeEm app with which you can earn money with photos.