The Instagram boomerang reach WhatsApp

One of the best features of Instagram is in its tools to make creative videos. Boomerang is one of the most popular, and it seems that WhatsApp will have this technology in the messaging application, although you'll have to wait.

WhatsApp will have the Instagram boomerang

WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging client, and although it is not the most innovative application, it still receives features very actively. Some of these developments come from Facebook's own matrix, such as the states. It seems that WhatsApp will receive Instagram features.

The Boomerang It is one of the most popular features of Instagram, and it seems that they are already testing this feature to integrate it into the messaging application.

You can see the video operation of WaBetaInfo.

If you do not know what Boomerang is, we will explain briefly: This feature allows us to edit a video to get an effect on the video in which they advance and rewind the image. In this way, it is easy to achieve a very striking loop motion effect.

If you use Instagram, surely you have already suffered seeing the stories of your friends. Some are very cool, but it is also true that in the end the Boomerang I like it so much that you can end up getting fed up with anything you have more than one enthusiastic friend of this kind of videos. On a personal level I have come to hate this mode, so the arrival at WhatsApp causes me to cause cold sweats.

It is important to mention that although WhatsApp is already working on this function, it is not yet available. The WhatsApp team has been working on this feature for the past few weeks, with the aim that the function arrives free of errors.

Even if you have the latest WhatsApp beta and know how to activate the hidden options, this option should not appear when you are in development.