The "Kiosk" section of the Play Store is now available in Spain

Every time we use our mobile devices more for everyday tasks, such as reading the press. The possibility of read all the press we can find in the kiosks in a device the size of our hand printed on paper, as this helps to protect the environment, saving a very large amount of paper and avoiding cutting down trees.

Google Play Store for Android has a kiosk service that Until now it was only available in a very small number of passes, such as the USA. UU., but for a few days now this service can be accessed from Spain. Until now, in Spain, we can only find a few companies that offer the press in digital format, and also something expensive. But with the launch of Google Play Newsstand In Spain, a reduction in the price of the digital press is expected, since the prices offered by Google are much lower than those of the Spanish competition.

These days we can see how a new section has appeared when accessing Google Play, called “Kiosk”, in which we can find both national and international magazines, and to which we can subscribe monthly to receive it in the application for reading these, which is Google Play Newsstand and can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. We can find a wide variety of national magazines from 0.90; as Gadget Magazine, Quo, Autova, AR, Casa Diez, and many more. In addition, as a welcome offer, in some magazines we can obtain discounts of up to 30% in the case of subscribing to them and 50% if we buy them loose.

For this service to end up triumphing, you must incorporate a daily press of information, from newspapers such as "El Mundo", "El Pas" or "La Razn", because today This type of press cannot be accessed from Google Play Newsstand.