The official post-it application comes to Android

3M has launched a peculiar application on Google Play that allows us to manage post-it. Create and manage post-it on your mobile, or scan your board in real life and share it with friends or colleagues.

If you are a fan of post-it, this is your application

If you are a romantic of office supplies, surely post-it will have a hole in your heart. These colorful pieces of paper with an adhesive strip have been for decades (and remain) an excellent reminder tool. Even when it comes to managing tasks, having a board full of little papers is a form of organization.

3M, owner of the post-it brand, has published a tool for lovers of these small roles on Google Play. Its name, how could it be otherwise, is Post-it, and its function is to promote the use of these pieces of paper.

Perhaps one of the most interesting additions is the possibility of using the camera and scanning the post-it that we have at home, or in the office. This application is able to use the camera to analyze all that we have on a board, and create with them a digital board.

If you are so «paperless » Like me and you don't have one at home, it's still an interesting application. In it you can create your own virtual post-it, which you can organize in personalized virtual boards.

Not only can you create and customize them, but it is also possible to share them, either in the format created by 3M itself, as in PDF, Excel or PowerPoint. For example, this would be the output converted to PDF.

Post-it is a completely free application, without ads or any type of micropayment. In the end, the best payment the company receives with these types of applications is that remember that they still exist, and with which we continue using them, it is more than enough.