This is the new Google tablet

Next to its phones and accessories Google has announced two products with Chrome OS, a tablet and a computer. The latter is a slight evolution of its predecessor but the tablet is a direct attack on Microsoft, in substance and form.

The Google Pixel Slate It's a big screen device, support with built-in keyboard and pencil, come on, a surface but from Google. The most remarkable as we say is that the manufacturer moves away from Android for this type of devices and brings them closer to computers, using Chrome OS.

Features of the Google Pixel Slate

This new device is characterized by a conservative design and especially by a physical and rigid keyboard that gives it a more portable appearance than a tablet to use. Baby of the concept that the Surface of Microsoft has exploited, becoming the proposal of Google for the market of this type of products.

Inside we have configurations that use Intel Core i7 processors and up to 16 GB of RAM. The charging is done through USB C ports and its large screen has a resolution of 3000 x 200o px with a density of pixels per inch of 293. The power off button he is also a fingerprint reader which will serve to increase security and unlock our Slate.

It has front stereo speakers that, according to Google, will offer very high sound quality. In addition, we can equalize the sound to be more according to our tastes. Surprisingly, it also stands out in the photographic section having a rear sensor and a front sensor able to make a wide angle and a portrait mode.

ChromeOS, the system that powers this Pixel Slate, also makes use from the famous Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence to recommend results and adapt to the use of its owner so that productivity is as efficient as possible. Of course we will have the Google G Suite and We can run Android apps.

Your ideal companion is your keyboard, which as is customary in this class of products, is attached to the device and also acts as a support and case. It has the classic keys visible on a conventional keyboard that also has trackpad and custom keys for Chrome OS.

Prices and availability of the Google Pixel Slate

We can buy the Google Pixel Slate accompanied by its keyboard and from a pencil similar to what devices like the Surface use. The Slate will have a base price from $ 599. The keyboard, meanwhile, will cost $ 199 and the pen 99 dollars. It will reach the markets of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada at the moment.