advantages and disadvantages of these systems

The phone unlock methods They have evolved over time. In the beginning, the pattern or PIN were the only options we had available. Little by little, new forms have arrived, such as the fingerprint sensor or unlocking by facial recognition, which are gaining adherents. Although they also raise doubts.

Fingerprint sensor It has emerged as one of the most popular today, for its ease of use and reliability. It is gaining ground before the PIN, which is the other most popular option among Android users. However, there are many doubts about which is better or safer for users in the operating system.

Naturally, each of these methods It presents a series of advantages and disadvantages, which is good to know. We leave you with the main pros and cons that these systems present. This can help when using one system or another on your Android phone.

Advantages of the fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor is a system that It stands out especially for its speed. This is one of the great advantages it offers to users on Android. Every time you want to use the phone, to use an app or because a message has been received, you just have to put your finger on that sensor and it is accessed in less than a second. It is something they can boast.

On the other hand, it is a system that for many is safer than using a PIN. When a PIN or password is used, another person can guess it and thus have access to the telephone. In the case of using the fingerprint sensor, this is not possible. No one will be able to know that password and will not be able to access the device in this way.

In addition, we must not forget that the fingerprint sensor is a good option. if remembering the PIN is not easy for you. We currently use so many passwords in all kinds of situations, which sometimes makes it difficult to remember one. Therefore, to avoid mistakenly entering a PIN in the phone several times, using the fingerprint reader is more convenient. You don't have to remember anything to access the phone.

Disadvantages of the fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint sensor is a system that has always been seen as more secure, compared to passwords, but in the past there have been cases in which it has been possible impersonate the identity of that person through this sensor. It is an aspect in which there are already improvements, allowing security to be the best possible, but it is still something to consider.

On the other hand, the fingerprint sensors on screen, very common today in the high and medium range in Android, continue to experience certain operating problems. They may be slower, although the technology itself is better. But for now they have not been perfected at all, so if you have a phone with this type of fingerprint reader, there may be times when it does not work as you want. The hope is that improvements will come to them through various updates.

Advantages of using a PIN

The PIN has the advantage of being customizable And that can be changed every time we want. So if it is easy to guess for another person or if we want one that is easier for us to remember, we can change it. This is something very comfortable, which fits the use for each person. It can be changed within the phone settings.

On the other hand, a PIN is not always easy to guess, so protect your phone correctly. A person has to make many attempts to access another person's phone. So it is a secure system in this regard, which will prevent anyone from accessing the phone. While someone who knows you could guess the PIN with some ease, since it is usual to use an easy combination (birth dates, anniversaries, etc.).

Many Android phones allow you to set a maximum attempts to guess the PIN. Therefore, if someone tries to enter the phone, they will have a maximum of attempts available, before it will be blocked.

Disadvantages of a PIN

A PIN is usually four or six digits; In current versions of Android it is six normally. It assumes that the possible combinations are many, but limited. In addition, an average user will look for combinations that are easy to remember, which makes them even more limited. It makes it easier for a close person to guess that PIN.

The PIN is something that can be found in some way, either looking when a person writes it or using some malicious software. But a fingerprint sensor is something that no one can "guess" or copy. It is what makes it possible to be seen as less secure in some cases, although it does not always have to be this way.

Fingerprint or PIN sensor, which is better?

The two systems have a series of advantages and disadvantages that we can see, and the choice is something that really depends on each user. For some people the fingerprint sensor is a more comfortable and safer system, so they prefer to use it. While there are other users who see more comfortable using a PIN on their Android smartphone.

The two systems are safe and effective, so it is a matter of personal preference. There is nothing to worry about in this regard, so it doesn't matter which one you are going to use on your Android phone. You can always try both and see which one you find most comfortable. At any time it is possible to change it from the phone settings, so this is something simple to achieve.