all its features, design and price

If the games are something very important to you and you are one of those who always want to compete for the top positions, a new peripheral has been launched that is specifically intended to achieve this. We talk about Razer Viper, a mouse that offers excellent features.

The two most important options offered by this new accessory gaming are the precision and also the speed. That is to say, of the fundamental elements in the games, including those that are type shooter. An example of what we say is that the buttons included in Razer Viper are optical (they use an infrared beam of light to work which optimizes their work), which allows them to be more efficient in all types of situations. Thus, for example, the answer is much faster since its response time is shorter.

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The use of this type of buttons has an additional benefit, which is none other than the durability. According to the company, these hold up to seventy million beats (by fifty of the traditional mechanics). Even, it has had the collaboration of the well-known player CS Taco: GO when it comes to testing these components, and the results have been satisfactory since you have noticed that their operation is "faster and smoother". In short, Razer Viper is clearly an ideal device for gamers.

Other good features of Razer Viper when playing

An example of what we say is that the new mouse we are talking about and that Razer's product range increases weighs only 69 grams, so its use is very comfortable and take it from one place to another does not cost anything (and, this is so, without compromising its resistance). In what has to do with the section of motion detection, the technology used in Razer Viper is 5G optics, which reaches a resolution of 16,000 DPI With a speed of up to 11.43 meters per second all these parameters are configurable by software.

In addition, it is important to indicate that the mouse connectivity is done through cable and that the amount of programmable buttons that it includes is eight. A curious detail that can be differential is that the bottom cover of Razer Viper has been redesigned so that the friction offered when using the peripheral is less, which avoids delays when executing movements.

The availability of Razer Viper is immediate since it is possible to get this device from today on the web the manufacturer for a price that is located in the 89.99 euros. Is this the mouse you expected to improve with the games?

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