all the details of the best W10 photo viewer

While is true that Windows 10 is the most used operating system, has some weak points that sometimes make the user experience not adequate. We have already taught you the best tricks to improve different W10 functionalities, and now we are going to present you the best alternative to your image viewer.

No one can deny that the Windows 10 photo viewer It is really bad. It has an unpleasant interface, besides being really slow. The problem? That this application is preinstalled to show the images that we have stored.

Are you going to install Windows 10? This is what you should do as soon as you finish the process

Luckily, we have a wide repertoire of alternatives to the Windows 10 photo viewer that will allow you to enjoy a much superior experience. And this is where it comes in ImageGlass, a totally free image viewer to get the most out of your operating system.

These are the reasons why you have to use ImageGlass in Windows 10

As we say, it is a completely free application. Not having to scratch your pocket for trying it, it is worth downloading this tool to improve the experience when using the Windows 10 photo viewer.

To say that, ImageGlass, is able to support 72 different formats, including PSD and RAW. In addition, it is open source, not to mention the fact that you can install this tool for Windows 10, or use the portable version.

And, how could it be otherwise, it is much faster and lighter than the Windows 10 photo viewer. We cannot forget that this free program It has some very interesting features. For example, through the toolbar we can perform different actions, such as rotating the image, flipping it, scaling or zooming, although in the final part it is where we will find the most interesting options.

For example, we have a thumbnail mode. This mode offers us a thumbnail preview gallery, where we can see all the images that are in the same folder. With this functionality, it is really easy to find photos in Windows 10.

And what is better, this free application for Windows 10, also has a photo editor. It is not the most complete in the market, but we get out of more than a hurry. In addition, the fact that we can access this tools while using this alternative to the W10 photo viewer is a detail to consider.

As you could see, the possibilities offered by ImageGlass are really interesting. And, if you take into account that you can download it for free, through the link that we leave below these lines, it is an option that you can not miss.

You don't want to play it? Well, having a portable version, try this option to make it clear that this application is better than the Windows 10 photo viewer that is preinstalled in the operating system. Is it worth the change.

Download ImageGlass for Windows 10