Amazon Fire TV Stick cheap, offer dongles on Amazon

One of the best gadgets you can buy to enjoy any multimedia content during your summer vacation is a dongle. We refer to a section that serves to convert any traditional TV into a Smart TV. Or, in the case that you stay in a hotel, be able to access the contents of Netflix or HBO without going through the box. And now, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is on sale.

Yes, it seems that the online sales giant knows that we are going on vacation this summer, and wants to offer us the possibility to enjoy our favorite movies and series anywhere, and without worrying about anything. A clear example is in the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which is now 10 euros cheaper, although if for any reason you prefer another dongle, we show you the best models for less than 30 euros.

Amazon Fire TV Stick at the best price

Undoubtedly, the king of the Dongle, with permission from Google’s acclaimed Chromecast, is the Amazon Fire TV Stick. A really solvent device that will allow you to enjoy the main content platforms on demand on any screen that has an HDMI output.

5 tricks to get the most out of your Amazon Fire TV Stick, now that it's cheaper than ever

In addition, if you are subscribed to Amazon Premium, you can now try it for a month without going through the box through this link, you can enjoy its video platform on demand. Do not you think enough? You can also try Amazon Prime Video for free for a month. what else can we ask for?

Well, a reduction of 10 euros in the price of Amazon Fire TV Stick, to be able to use this powerful device on our Smart TV, or on the hotel television, and enjoy all the news that comes in the form of premieres on Netflix during the month of August.

Cinati Dongle

An excellent alternative to Amazon Fire TV Stick, if you prefer to use a solution other than Amazon, it is this Dongle from the manufacturer Cinati. We talk about a really cheap device, does not exceed 23 euros, and that meet the needs of any user.

In this way, act as a “bridge” between any television and your tablet phone, in order to reproduce any content you have stored on your phone, without any problem. It is also compatible with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, among other multimedia content platforms, so it becomes a must buy and you can save anywhere thanks to its small size.

TedGem Dongle

To end this compilation with the best dongle that, like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, They will allow you to play any kind of multimedia content on a smart TV, we have this TedGem model. We speak of a device, which, like the other models seen, has an HDMI output to connect it to your Smart TV or conventional TV.

In this way, your system Miracast allow you to transmit all the content you have in your phone to the TV screen. An ideal solution not only for watching movies and series, since you can also take advantage of the size of your TV screen to enjoy any game much more comfortably. And it does not exceed 25 euros!