Apple works on a new 16-inch model

Just a few weeks ago we talked about the new generation MacBook Pro, the range of ultraportables from the American manufacturer that came to offer high performance, as is usual in these devices. The problem is that, the blissful butterfly keyboard remains. The controversy has continued since Apple introduced the first model with this more than uncomfortable keyboard. Although, it seems that the new MacBook Pro in which they are working to arrive with a couple of very interesting surprises in terms of design.

It is not the first time that rumors have been heard about the possibility that the Cupertino-based manufacturer was working on a new MacBook Pro model with a 16-inch screen. Even the prestigious analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who does not usually fail in any of his predictions related to the different ranges of Apple solutions, informed of this novelty.

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And now, a new report confirms the existence of a new 16-inch MacBook Pro. As always, we must take this information with tweezers, since we are facing a rumor, but we all know that when the river sounds, water carries. In addition, the diagonal of the screen is not the only novelty in the new Apple super laptop.

Improved design, add to the butterfly keyboard The two advantages of MacBook Pro 16

The first big news has to do with the dimensions of the future 16-inch MacBook Pro on which the American manufacturer is working. And, it seems, will have the same dimensions as its predecessor. How will they get it? Remarkably reducing the screen frames, to make the device have a more updated design.

The other great novelty has to do with the more than controversial butterfly system that incorporates the keyboard of its range of Apple laptops. A complete failure in terms of usability, the keys get stuck, and that has made thousands of customers request the change of their keyboard. Unexplainably, the company of the bitten apple did not hesitate to continue betting on this system in its new generation of laptops. Yes, a renewed version, but that continues with the same problems.

Well it seems that we will finally have good news in this regard. And, the latest rumors suggest that the company will bet on a scissors mechanism with glass fibers to reinforce the keys and prevent them from breaking. Of course, we must wait for the manufacturer to announce this new version of his family of laptops to see what surprises us.

And, this is where the million dollar question comes: when will the new be introduced 16-inch MacBook Pro? The most logical thing will be to think about the event they have scheduled in September, where we will see the next generation of iPhone phones, in addition to the expected and renewed Apple smart watch. But, it will be an excessively long event, so it is more than likely that they will meet us in October or November to show us all the details of their next super portable. Of course, we can tell you that it is not exactly cheap.

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