Byar Volta electric bike, design and features

Although electric scooters are still gaining followers, there is another gadget that is having a growing tug. The electric bike. And, you just have to see the design and characteristics of this Byar solution, to know that this market is clearly booming.

We talk about a electric bike that stands out for having a spectacular design, which highlights a very notable element: there is no chain on this bike. The reason? It has a shaft drive system that gives it a very attractive appearance.

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And eye, that the finishes of the Byar Volta electric bicycle are made of aluminum, to achieve a great lightness for a gadget of this type: does not exceed 23 kilograms. Yes, obviously it weighs more than a conventional bicycle, but it is normal if we consider its electric motor that allows you to move effortlessly.

Characteristics of the Byar Volta electric bike

To say that this bike has some really impressive features. To start, your 250W hidden motor manufactured by Zehus, a leading company in this sector, promises high power, in addition to having Bluetooth and GPS, ideal to know at all times where your bike is.

And not only that: you can see in your phone the speed at which you are circulating, the slope or the cadence among other details. Do not you think enough? Know that your 160 Wh battery Able to recharge automatically while using the Byar Volta.

And how do you activate this electric bike? You just have to drive at more than 5 kilometers per hour for the engine to start. At that time, the application Bitride Available for iOS and Android, it will be activated automatically with the engine via Bluetooth, to have all the device data at hand.

Different modes for each situation

In addition, the Bitride application of the bByar Volta electric icicleta It has a series of ways in which you can get the most out of it. In this way, we have the Turbo, E-bike, Range 1, Range 2, Range 3, Bike + and Off mode.

The turbo mode is the one with the greatest assistance to the pedals, offering an automatic pedaling, with an autonomy of up to 35 kilometers at a speed of 22 kilometers per hour, while the rest of the modes increase the autonomy at the cost of doing some What other pedaling. And finally, we have the Off mode, which allows us to use this electric bicycle as if it were a traditional model.

Regarding the price of this electric bicycle, it must be taken into account that the Byar Volta is not especially cheap: It costs between 3,500 and 4,000 euros depending on the model.

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