Cheap laptops, less than 200 euros, to watch movies and series

With the arrival of summer vacations, it is very likely that you want to catch up with your favorite series and movies, more taking into account all the news that comes to Netflix in August. Or maybe you have to study or perform office tasks and you need to find an economical and functional solution. To make it easy for you, we have prepared a compilation with the best cheap laptops that you can find on Amazon for less than 250 euros.

Obviously these cheap laptops They will not allow you to enjoy games that require a large graphic load. You can not use heavy programs, but they will be perfectly useful for office automation tasks, enjoy all kinds of multimedia content, surf the Internet …

Keep in mind that some of the models that appear in this list are of Amazon offer Limited Time. In this way, if you want to take advantage of these bargains, do not waste time before they run out. And remember that, now you can try Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video for free, so don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Amazon's most premium services.

Lenovo 120S-11IAP

We begin this compilation with the most economical model that you will be able to find. And, this cheap laptop from Lenovo It costs only 170 euros thanks to the 43 percent discount you have for a limited time. Considering its 11.6-inch HD screen, 2 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage and Windows 10 preinstalled, it is a great solution for office automation tasks and enjoy movies and series.

Medion MD61339

A second option to keep in mind if you are looking for cheap laptops, is this device Measurement. For starters, it has a 14-inch screen with Full HD resolution. In addition, it comes with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable internal storage through microSD cards.

And yes, it also comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. The best? That only costs 170.10 euros, a bargain that you can not miss.

CHUWI HeroBook 14.1

The Asian manufacturer Chuwi has managed to become a benchmark thanks to its full range of cheap laptops. The firm's solutions are quite solvent, and the HeroBook 14.1 It is a clear example of this. We are talking about a model with a 14.1-inch Full HD screen, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage.

In addition, its 38 Wh battery offers an autonomy of up to 9 hours. If we add to this its fast charging system along with a groundbreaking price, it costs 219 euros, it is a model to consider.

Lenovo ideapad 330-15AST

We finish this compilation with the best cheap laptops that you can find for less than 250 euros on Amazon, with this other model of the Asian firm Lenovo. We talked about the most vitaminized model you will find for this price. Proof of this is its 15.6-inch HD screen, along with 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of hard disk.

In addition, it has a 25 percent discount, so you can get this complete device for only 249 euros. An excellent solution that you should not miss.