convert your home for only 200 euros

A few years ago, have a smart home It was within reach of very few. The exorbitant prices of the different gadgets necessary to achieve domotizar our house made it a task for very bulky pockets. But, thanks to the emergence of Alexa and Google Assistant, things have changed. Therefore, we are going to teach you how to have a house domotized for only 200 euros.

For this smart home project, we have decided to bet on Alexa, since Amazon's full voice assistant can control a good number of peripherals. Obviously, because you want to have such an economic system, you cannot ask for excessive boasting. Although we guarantee you to be more than enough to start in the world of home automation. The total price of all these products? 203.34 euros. And not all are essential …

Amazon Echo Dot third generation smart speaker

The Amazon Alexa speaker Be our point of connection with the rest of smart gadgets of our home automation. If you want to save more, you can do without this element, since you can install the Amazon voice assistant on your phone. But the possibilities offered by its long-range microphones, together with its tight price and sound quality, make it an essential element in any smart home that boasts.

Smart plugs

We want to make a minimum investment when creating our cheap smart home, so we will not be changing all the cachivaches we have at home. Do you want to control when the living room lamp turns on or off? Or do you want to have your cup of coffee ready when you wake up?

The best solution is to bet on these Teckin smart plugs. Its price is really attractive, and you will have two units to place where you deem appropriate.

Smart light bulbs

Another product that can not be missing in a smart House, these are TVLIVE gadgets. We talk about two smart bulbs, which allow you to control your light level and tone through the smart speaker or mobile. Obviously, you can turn them on and off to your liking, so they are ideal for use in the dining room lamp. More now that they are on sale at Amazon

Smart thermostat

Another product that is not essential, but that will make things easier for you. In addition, it has a very tight price and is compatible with most boilers. And yes, the idea of control heating or air conditioning from your mobile phone It is a really appetizing idea. Especially when you are about to get home and activate the air conditioner to cool the environment.

IP camera

Another element that can not be missing in your smart home is a IP camera. We talk about a device that you can comfortably control from your mobile, to monitor your home in real time whenever you want. You will feel more secure, and its night vision and demolition price are two details to consider.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

To finalize this compilation of gadgets that will allow you to have a smart home for only 200 euros, we cannot miss the opportunity to recommend you the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Little can we tell you not to know about this complete dongle that will allow you to convert any traditional TV into a Smart TV.

In addition, now has a discount of 10 euros, so it is the best time to buy the icing on the cake of this cheap smart home that you can ride thanks to Amazon offers.