Dash Cam Xiaomi Mini3Pro, cheap car camera

With the arrival of summer vacations, more and more users begin to value the purchase of a Dash cam. And, use a car camera It is a very comfortable way to record everything that happens on the road. And Xiaomi knows it. The manufacturer always surprises us with products of all kinds, such as its latest gaming keyboard. And now, it's the turn of the Xiaomi Mini3Pro, a 360 camera for your car that will surprise you.

To start, the new Xiaomi car camera It has a really attractive design and finishes. Ms, if we consider that this Dash Cam It is made of aluminum and has a 360 degree system to record what happens in front of us, or record a fun video while driving.

Xiaomi 70mai Pro Dash Cam, new camera for the car that comes with surprise

Continuing with the design section of the Xiaomi Mini3Pro, say that this model has a 3.5 mm output, built-in microphone to record the audio inside the vehicle where you install this camera for the car, in addition to a USB port to charge your 1,600 mAh battery, which guarantees you an autonomous more than solvent, in case you do not want to use the car plug to charge this device.

1600p recording, voice control and other details of the Xiaomi Mini3Pro dash cam

Moving on to the characteristics of the new Dash Cam of Xiaomi, say that this model has a 5 megapixel camera with a wide angle of 140 degrees, so you will be able to perfectly record what happens in front of you. And there is more: its focal aperture 1.8, together with its infrared filter with night vision mode, it offers a really good image quality in any language situation. Are you looking for a camera for the car that works well at night? The new Mini3Pro is an excellent option to consider.

In addition, it has WDR, or Wide Dynamic Range, to control in a very improved way the different light conditions in the same scene, so you will not lose detail of what happens on the road. And everything you record in this Dash Cam with a 5 megapixel lens, will look better than ever when offering a 1600p resolution at 30 frames per second.

If we consider that it offers a level of detail that almost doubles to a 1080p recording, it is noted that this camera for the car is really complete. Do not you think enough? Well, you know that this camera for the Xiaomi car can be controlled by voice commands and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

For this, the Pekn-based manufacturer has opted for a Huawei processor, specifically the Hisilicon 3556 model, a product designed for Dash Cam and offering excellent results. As usual in this type of devices, the new Xiaomi Mini3Pro camera It has looping mode, collision detection …

And, what is better: we can connect the Dash Cam Mini3Pro to the screen of a compatible car, to see in real time what the camera records. And not only that, since it also has an application that allows you to see through the screen of your iOS or Android device, everything that happens, manage the previous recordings, rotate the camera …

Regarding the price of the new Xiaom Dash Cami, the simplest model, with 32 GB of storage, costs about 60 euros to change, while the 64 GB version of internal memory amounts to 73 euros. A few figures of scandal, more if we take into account the characteristics of this camera for the car of the Asian firm.

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