Download Dota Underlords for Android, the new Valve game

In video games, like other markets such as film or television, fashions are important. When a company launches a title that turns out to be a success, suddenly its competitors begin to value whether to launch similar proposals.

This is what happened with AutoChess, a game mode that started more than a decade ago but that is now when it starts to become popular.

What is AutoChess?

As the name implies, this type of game consists of a turn-based battle with certain pieces on a game board of contained size, and divided into squares. The reference to chess is not accidental.

In this video, the Feelink streamer explains very well where this game typology comes from and also where the title we are talking about today, Dota Underlors.

Valve launches with Dota Underlords

Thus, Valve has decided to launch its Autochess proposal before rivals such as Riot or Epic Games do the same, even if it has to be launched in beta mode.

This is important since this game is in the testing phase so it is possible that you have some kind of problems when connecting or playing.

Like all Autochess games, in Dota Underlords we will have to win a showdown against other players (although there is a perfect offline game option to practice) using our minions.

These characters are the same as we see in Dota and Dota2 what fans of those games will like. Depending on how we combine them we can create alliances and differentiated synergies.

Cross game between PC and mobile

This game is also available on PC and Valve has made it possible to start a game on one device and finish it on another if we want to, similar to how we do it in other games like HearthStone.