Dragon Ball FighterZ, For Honor and more titles

Finally the weekend is here. A rest period that allows us to enjoy our favorite titles. And, if you are on vacation, more reasons to treat yourself and have a great time on your gamer weekend. In addition, if you consider the free games that there are these days thanks to the offers of Steam and Epic Games, do not miss the opportunity to try the incredible title of fight Dragon Ball FighterZ.

We talk about one of the fighting games of the Dragon Ball saga with higher quality. It has some scandal graphics, a really achieved gameplay and large doses of fun to enjoy one of the best free games you can try this weekend.

That's right, you have to keep in mind that these offers of free games on Steam They will be for a limited time. Valve's gaming platform is taking advantage of the Evo Championship Series to offer us the possibility to try different fighting games without going through the box. Do not lose this chance. You don't like this genre? We have other very interesting options.

Dragon Ball FighterZ, For Honor and other free titles

As we say, you will be able to enjoy all the titles available in Steam totally free, although the offer will end next Sunday. So, do not waste any more time and download Dragon Ball FighterZ through this link to get into the skin of Goku crushing your enemies mercilessly.

Another fight title that we recommend you try is UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe: Late (st). As you can see, it is another game that will promise you a few hours of fun, and taking into account that you can try it for free this weekend, what do you lose by installing it through this link?

On the other hand, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is another free game that you will enjoy for a limited time on Steam and that you cannot miss. It is a game with anime graphics that will surprise you with its incredible playability. An amazing title and that will delight lovers of the genre of fighting games. You can try it through this link.

Epic Games surprise us again with their free games: For Honor and Alan Wake

As every week, the company behind Fortnite's development offers us the possibility of storing two free games in our library. And, the two titles he will release this week will leave you with your mouth open. On the one hand, we have Alan Wake, an adventure that will delight lovers of Survival Horror.

Armed with a flashlight, you should enter the twisted mind of a second-rate writer who owes one of the most important psychological terror titles. Do you fancy more a racin of blood and vsceras? Do you have Game of Thrones monkey? Well, do not hesitate and take advantage of the fact that For Honor is completely free on the Epic Games platform. What are you waiting to download these two free games through this link?