Features and benefits of the Huawei operating system

After a long wait, Huawei has finally presented its own operating system. It was a fact that HarmonyOS It was going to be presented very soon. During the HDC 2019, at a conference for Huawei developers, it was clear that the company would show us its expected OS, in addition to the Honor smart screen.

Said and done: HarmonyOS is now official. And eye, that the Huawei's new operating system It comes with some advantages over Android that make this new OS really interesting. No, it does not mean that the Asian manufacturer is going to leave the Google ecosystem, it will be shot in the foot, but to start it looks really good.

And in the future, I know that it could become a really serious alternative to its great rival in the sector. These are the main reasons why HarmonyOS It can be something very big, unlike other operating systems that have ended up being forgotten.

HarmonyOS is cross platform and no applications

This is, without a doubt, one of the great advantages of HarmonyOS. Do you remember Fuchsia? The project on which Google is working to unify Android, Android TV and Chrome OS in a single operating system. Well that's what Huawei has achieved with its operating system.

In this way, HarmonyOS can be used on all types of devices, through mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even speakers. The idea looks really interesting.

Regarding the applications, Huawei's new ecosystem does not have its own apps. And that is an excellent advantage. Why? Because HarmonyOS is compatible with any application developed in HTML, HTML5, Linux applications, Kotlin … And yes, Android applications, written in C ++ will also be compatible.

In this way, the ecosystem of applications with which the new Huawei OS begins is really impressive. And be open source, so any developer can access their source code to integrate it into their devices.

It will have the best feature of EMUI 10

Another of the main features of HarmonyOS comes with the fact that The entire range of devices with this Huawei operating system will be interconnected. For example, when watching a movie, you can select that the audio is output from a smart speaker and the image is played on a Smart TV. Or even if you receive a video call you can do something similar, leaving the mobile phone as a simple transmitter.

That can also be applied to a car, where we can see all the cameras that integrate into the mobile screen, see the route that our partner is doing from home … We can even see the screen of our smartphone to appear on the computer!

To do this, we will have a Associated account, as with Google Play, which allows us to have absolute control of all devices. A movement that makes Harmony OS a blow on the table, making it clear that it wants to be a serious bet and not just a security measure against possible new measures by the government led by Donald Trump.

Will there be Huawei phones with Harmony OS?

Obviously s. And the first model is a version of the Huawei Mate 30 Lite to arrive with this operating system in China. For now, the manufacturer wants to take it easy. An intelligent movement since, the first thing to do is see what reception your New alternative to Android.But, it is a fact that HarmonyOS It aims really high and can become a serious rival of Google's operating system.