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If you are one of those who like the devices that Xiaomi launches to the market, there is good news for you since in a short time the third generation of the range of laptops will be launched gaming of the firm. We talk about Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 3, of which several of its characteristics have been known.

For some time now it has been speculating on the possible arrival of this equipment to the market, and now it seems that this is confirmed … and several of the characteristics that will have been known, and the truth is that there is a good jump in performance with the games. This is because the notebook is expected to arrive in several versions with graphics cards Nvidia GeForce GTX and GeForce RTX. Thus, executing titles with three-dimensional graphics at a resolution of 1080p and 30 FPS will not be a problem.

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In what refers to the two essential components that have the PCs such as the processor and RAM of the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 3, in the first case it has been conformed that components of 8th generation Intel (The Core i7 are the most interesting option, of course), which ensures a good muscle when running all kinds of software, games included. Memory, meanwhile, be broad, starting at 8 GB, but it will be possible to access more if desired, such as the sixteen gigas.

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Storage be solved with SSD disks which will be 512 GB or, failing that, 1 TB. This ensures that the data transfer is high and, therefore, the power of the aforementioned hardware is maximized. The screen, meanwhile, be 15 inches at first and technology IPS. The most remarkable thing about this component is that it offers the possibility of using a 144 Hz frequency at best, which is perfect to get the best possible experience when playing.

There is no data of options such as the keyboard and the finish, where it is normal to find metal in the manufacturing material (but for now nothing of the colors), but it has been indicated that the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 3 can use to technologies such as RayTracing to obtain additional power and that the cooling system be advanced -with liquid options-. In what has to do with the possible price of this laptop with Windows 10, it is pointed out that the most complete model cost about 1,200 euros, so we talk about a good quality / price ratio.

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