Free Android applications that you can get on offer

Are you thinking of getting more out of your smartphone or tablet? One of the best ways to achieve this is to get new developments that offer great utility. We want to help you with this and for this we offer several free android apps That are interesting.

One of the things you should keep in mind of these jobs is that promotions that allow you to get them without paying a penny of euro has a limited validity, since after a while I return to have its usual price. Therefore, you must hurry to download them from the Google store, which is the place where the free Android applications we propose are.

The best tricks to make the most of the Play Store

The free Android apps we have chosen this week

Then we leave the corresponding links of each of the developments in Play Store, and also a small explanation of what is offered (in case it is not clear in its own name). This is the selection that we believe is worth:

Quick Arc Launcher

This development allows to partly change the appearance of the Android operating system, with advanced options such as the fan-like deployment of the system options and, also, and a work process that allows applications to open much faster. A job worth trying because it does not eat many system resources.

Note Recognition

This is one of the free Android applications that we have chosen that we think is more curious. It allows you to recognize musical notes that are playing and, when this occurs, a score is created automatically that makes it possible to take advantage of it later. The effectiveness is not 100%, but it is much greater than what can be expected at first.

3D Stonehenge Pro

One of the greatest mysteries that exist in the United Kingdom is the reason Stonehenge rose, a creation that has many years behind it – and it is increasingly clear that the Druids had something to do. The fact is that if you want to take this to your Android terminal, the wallpapers offered in this work is a great way to get it.

Speedometer GPS Pro

Summer is a time when you get out a lot, and keeping track of the speed you take when traveling is a great way to keep everything under control. This free Android application for a limited time offers just this and, moreover, with great precision. It even measures the knots when traveling by boat … something that not all similar developments offer.

Interwebz Browser

If you are tired of using the same browser to access the Internet and want to try something new, this development is not bad to pamper yourself. It offers all the usual options, such as the use of markers and private browsing, and it does not lack an attractive dark mode that makes it fit like a glove on the terminals with OLED display.

Streak Alarm for Snapchat

SkanApp Escner PDF

QR / Barcode Scanner Pro

Pro Qamp – Mp3 Player

zel VPN Hub

If the free Android applications that we have indicated do not seem enough, I could always check the games that are free this week in the Play Store. This is one good solution To spend the summer holidays in the best possible way.