How not to lose conversations and stickers on WhatsApp

It is possible that you have in mind to change your phone in a short time, and one of the things that worries you is not to lose the information that you have in the application in Whatsapp. Well, getting this is the easiest, both in the operating system Android like in iOS. We show how to get it.

Thanks to what we are going to comment, they can be saved from conversations that have remained in the development of messenger, which is the most used worldwide at the moment, as some additional elements such as stickers that is available in development. And something very positive, is that achieving this is very simple, as well as registering the existing WhatsApp account in a new phone, something for which you simply have to run the job and write the phone number.

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Some details that you should know in WhatsApp before starting

The first is that if, apart from changing your phone, you intend to do the same with the number, it is important that before doing anything, in the terminal that you are going to stop using, modify the information about it in the section Account of the Settings of the application. Now just select Change number and follow the steps you see on the screen.

By the way, it is important to know that if you want to discuss the information that we have indicated in WhatsApp, to get it on OS of the new terminal must have the same than the new one Otherwise, the process cannot be performed.

Steps to not lose information on WhatsApp

That is what you have to do To maintain both the conversations you have had and the stickers you use in the development that is owned by Facebook:

Android operating system

Here there are two possibilities. One is local, the use of a card micro SD in the case of having compatibility the smartphone that you use and which you are going to change; or, failing that, take advantage of the storage service Drive.

In both cases, what you have to do is use the tool Backup What's in the Chats menu of WhatsApp Settings. Perform the process and then, on the new smartphone, accept when the data restore message appears (before doing this, confirm that you have inserted the microSD card if you selected this option).

IOS operating system

Here there is only one viable option, which is none other than the use of iCloud. The first step is to start the two terminals with the development of Apple with the same account and then activate the iCloud Drive option. You will have the iPhone ready.

In device that you are going to stop using you have to select the Chat backup option that is in the Configuration (within the menu called Chats). When this is finished, enter the new iPhone and, here, when you start WhatsApp with the same SIM, a backup restore message appears that you have to confirm. Now you just have to wait for everything to end.

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