How to activate AutoDownloads on Netflix for your smartphone

Surely one of the things you do this vacation is to make the most of the free time you have to enjoy the outstanding series that you have in your portfolio. If you have access to Netflix, it may be much more comfortable to enjoy your local content and, therefore, anywhere.

For some time there is the possibility to download some series and movies that are in the Netflix catalog, which allows you to continue watching the contents anywhere, although no internet connection (A clear example of what we say is when you go abroad). But in addition to this, there is a function in the most used streaming video application worldwide that allows automate this process.

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The name that has this function is Self-downloads, and you may not have it activated. Therefore, it is not as comfortable as you always have something available on your mobile device to be able to see anywhere in the world. Specifically, what this service does on smartphones and tablets is that, once you have finished viewing a content, the next one is downloaded automatically (while the previous one is deleted). It could be established that it is only through WiFi that this is done. til right?

How to activate AutoDownloads on Netflix

Everything is really simple, since the company offers this option intuitively so that users can use it without complications and, in this way, can take advantage of it comfortably. What has to be done is the following:

  • Access your profile Netflix as usual
  • Now, in the main page of the application click on the icon Ms in the lower right
  • In the screen that appears you must use the option called Application Settings, which is what allows setting parameters and development settings for mobile devices
  • Now check the section downloads in which the slider of Self-downloads It has to be activated for the function to be effective. If it is not yes, you must change this
  • Have finished

By the way, if the function does not interest you at all, since you want to have control of everything that is downloaded to your terminal, the previous steps also serve to access the indicated function and disable it. The case is that we believe that Netflix AutoDownload utility is high and it is worth giving them use.

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