How to schedule posts on Instagram like a pro

Social networks have become a part of our day to day, in the way we interact with others. In them photography has taken a relevant role, and in that Instagram has a lot to do.

The social network now part of the Facebook matrix has established itself as the default image space on the Internet, which makes everyone want to be there.

However, publishing the photos takes time, and if we want to maximize the scope and minimize the time we are waiting for this application, we must use support applications. One of them is Apphi, A powerful application that allows us to schedule publications, among other things.

How to schedule posts on Instagram

The application we are talking about today is free and can be installed from the Google Play Store. To use it we must register and register as well as link our Instagram profile, so that the photos can be seen on the social network.

Once these two steps have been completed (if you have two-step authentication activated, you must deactivate it temporarily until you finish the registration) you must perform these actions.

  • We open the application.
  • Click on the lower area, where it says Programming.
  • We select the type of publication we want.
  • Select the image to upload.
  • We write the caption if it is an image.
  • We tag people and fill in the different fields.
  • Click on the cross to verify the publication.
  • We choose the day, time and other parameters.
  • Click on publish.

Now we just have to wait for the chosen time to arrive.

More than scheduled publications

It is important to note that Apphi allows us, in addition to scheduling these publications, to search among the most important and wide-ranging hashtags, as well as to select the hours in which our contacts are most likely to see the publications.

As we have said, the application is free but it has payment services in case we want to squeeze the maximum possibilities of our photos, although this is something focused on professionals.