innovation to get the best user experience

Gaining a foothold in the smartphone market is not easy, competition is high and therefore you have to take very precise and accurate steps when competing. An example of how things are done is OPPO, which has managed to establish itself in a solvent manner in Spain in record time. These are the reasons why he has achieved it.

This Asian company is one of the largest in the world, with a very important presence in markets such as China and, for more or less a year, has decided to settle in different European regions, including Spain. The beginnings were hard, how could it be otherwise, but with a successful launch of products, such as the RX 17 range (with the RX17 Pro and the RX17 Neo), or the renowned OPPO Find X, it was very clear Total commitment of the company for innovation. And, this, has only confirmed with the arrival of his new Reno range.

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom, we tested your camera thoroughly!

With it, the firm has positioned itself as an alternative to all the major brands on the market, both in terms of the mid-range, with models such as the OPPO Reno that can be bought from 499 euros; as in the most premium segment where the Reno 10xZoom is a sample of what this manufacturer is capable of what is much. All this always with a firm commitment to new technologies: the innovative retractable and emerging cameras or the expected 5G technology.

Innovation and commitment to the future, keys in the OPPO Reno

This is one be of identity which always seeks to maintain the company, and to achieve this, it does not stop exploring roads that in many occasions take it away from the common and that give a different touch to all the terminals that OPPO puts on the market. This is demonstrated with developments of technologies and products that are unique, such as the camera under the screen recently announced at the MWC fair in Shanghi; or the use of an emerging angular camera, which stands out for its innovative and spectacular design, available on OPPO Reno and OPPO Reno 10xZoom devices. This front camera is shaped like a shark fin (which is not only positive from the aesthetic point of view, but also provides reliability and smooth operation).

Achieving this is not exactly simple, and therefore the company has created the necessary wicker to be differential in the market as clearly shown in the range OPPO Reno. In addition, thanks to its continuous commitment to innovation and to improve the user experience, OPPO puts unique and functional features on the market as its fast charging VOOC (or Super VOOC), which in addition to being the most efficient and powerful on the market, allows for only 5 minutes of charging to have an autonomy of more than two hours. This type of technology allows you to have your own and recognizable identity in the competitive smartphone market.

OPPO, a constant commitment to the future

This is key, since everything that is done in the company's factories aims to bring the future of technology to users. An example of what we say is to contribute something that is always in high demand: an autonomous that always responds. To achieve this, a battery with the highest possible amperage is always offered without compromising the design – something that is evident in the Reno range where a fork is offered ranging from 3,765 to 4,065 mAh-; and, in addition, tests are performed to certify that the hardware combination, especially as it relates to the screen and the processor, is the best. And, as has been proven in the new models, this is achieved very accurately.

In addition, the firm is always up to date with the most advanced technologies in its devices. Thus, for example OPPO, it is one of the first companies that has launched a smartphone that incorporates 5G technology (OPPO Reno 5G). With this type of bets, the company wants be at the head of the market to always achieve its goal: to be an innovative manufacturer.

OPPO in Spain, seated and a success

Right now the Reno range is in which OPPO is committed to consolidate in our country, something that is practically achieved and that has not taken long to achieve. With bets for different market segments with the range OPPO Reno, and with models like the Find X2 on the way, the truth is that the company's future looks great, establishing itself as a of the most interesting in our country Innovation and the commitment to be differential are the great successes of OPPO.

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