main features and reasons to buy it

We are used to the Korean manufacturer presenting high-end terminals, with a dream performance and an exquisite design. A clear example is in the acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S10 +, one of the best phones that have passed through our hands. But, today we are not going to talk about a stylized phone, nor with some technical characteristics that remove the hiccups. But Samsung XCover 4s It has some details that make the difference.

As we have told you, it is not exactly the most attractive phone in the market. It has really large frames, finished in metal and rubber … In general, it is a phone that does not enter by sight. Although it is somewhat logical, more if we consider that we are facing a new Samsung off-road phone.

Samsung XCover 4s, all the details of the rugerized phone of the Korean manufacturer

As you can see, it is not that it is a wonder technically speaking. To start, we find a screen formed by a TFT panel with a diagonal of 5 inches and HD resolution. To this, we must add an eight-core Lassen-O processor along with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 512 GB through its microSD card slot.

The camera of the Samsung XCover 4s is not its strong point either. In the back, we find a 16 megapixel lens with 1.7 focal aperture, In addition to LED flash. And in the front, its 5 megapixel camera with 2.2 focal aperture serve to get you out of more than a hurry, but do not expect large captures. So what sets it apart from its rivals? Its great resistance to blows, falls and everything that is put ahead.

Certification IP68 and MIL-STD 810G, the great assets to buy the Samsung XCover 4s

We have already told you that aesthetically it is a very normal phone, and its technical characteristics are more than enough to move the device interface, based on Android 9 Pie, and any game or application that lies ahead. But it is not a show off technically speaking. Although the great differential element with any of its rivals is its incredible resistance to any type of environment.

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And, the Sel-based firm has endowed the Samsung XCover 4s MIL-STD 810G certification. S, the same one that mounts the LG G8s ThinQ and that gives the new phone of the Korean manufacturer of resistance to all types of blows and falls. In this way, we have an ideal phone to practice any extreme sport.

In addition, it has some very interesting details, such as the possibility of taking a photo by pressing the start button twice; Ideal for when your hands are full of mud and you cannot comfortably access the menu. And if we consider that the Samsung XCover 4s is now available in Spain for only 259 euros, It will become an excellent option to consider if you are looking for a tough terminal for your work or your adventure days.

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