main novelties that come to the Battle Royale

With each start of the season, the Epic Games guys surprise us with great news. And this time, the Fortnite season 10 It was not going to be an exception. Yes, the popular Battle Royale is finally updated, and this time it has done it in a big way. Never better said, but if we see what B.R.U.T.O is, the new Battle robot that comes to the game.

Yes, you read well. One of the biggest complaints of Apex Legends players is the lack of wicks. Yes, the characteristic combat robots that appear in Titanfall, the game on which this Battle Royale of EA.

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Well it seems that Fortnite beat Apex Legends again, incorporating a wick that will leave you with your mouth open. And not only that, since the rumors and previous leaks were true: there will be temporary portals in the game.

All the details of Fortnite Season 10

Although there are a few really interesting news, the highlight of Fortnite Season 10 is STUPID. We speak of a combat robot, which needs two players to function, and which has an arsenal of weapons with which to destroy your opponents.

As expected, a player will be in charge of the controls of this titan, while the second player will be in charge of giving wax to the arsenal of weapons that this combat robot integrates. Do you want to take it alone? You can toggle the controls with the firing mechanism: stand in an area and shine before proceeding further.

On the other hand, we have seen that, in addition to the arrival of Fortnite combat robots, we have temporary cracks. This system will allow us to move around the map much faster. Mind you, it seems that the map may change from one day to another. Madness and fun guaranteed!

Obviously, we can enjoy new weapons, although the Creative mode seems to be another of the great protagonists of Season 10 of Fortnite

Control time with the new Creative Mode weapons

And, now we can enjoy two new elements, the Advanced storm controller, in addition to the Advanced Storm Beacon. Regarding the first object, say that we can copy the 10-wave storm of Battle Royale, or create our own multiphase storm.

While, in the case of the Advanced Storm Beacon, we can customize specific phases and adjust the number of phases of the advanced storm controller. Two new elements that will give a new leap of quality to one of the funniest Fortnite modes.

To say that, the patch to update the game and try all the news of Season 10 of Fortnite is now available through the website of the team behind the development of this successful Battle Royale. What are you waiting for to download the patch and enjoy all the news of season 10!